Slimming health fruit that must be eaten in spring

Slimming health fruit that must be eaten in spring

The face is not cold, and the spring is already approaching.

For a woman who loves beauty, this is a pleasure: finally, you can take off the thick wool coat and down jacket in the winter and go out of the way.

  What can be annoying is that because winter is the season of “reserve,” the result is not only energy reserves, but the body also reserves too much “tiredness.”

Here are some of the fruits of the spring day, which are the best for your body.

  Lingnan fruit king: Papaya Chinese medicine believes that papaya tastes slightly acidic, return to the liver, spleen, can be used to relieve muscles, treat limb swelling and pain, hangover, digestion and stagnation.

It contains papaya reducing sugar, oleanolic acid, vitamin C, papaic acid, etc. It has antibacterial and hepatoprotective effects, and even contains a variety of amino acids and minerals. According to analysis, half of medium-sized papaya can provide adults one day.Vitamin C needs.

The oleanolic acid contained in papaya can protect the liver, soften the blood vessel wall, lower blood lipids and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which shows the benefits of eating papaya.

  Of course, the papaya enzyme contained in papaya can stop vomiting and diarrhea, regulate the spleen and stomach, promote digestion, and have a certain therapeutic effect on dyspepsia caused by spleen and stomach.

Moreover, papaya also has a milk-passing effect, which promotes milk secretion.

Eating papaya often can make the skin smooth, soft, rosy, delicate, and its moisturizing function is a must-have fruit for the majority of beautiful springs.

  Slimming fruit: Potato potato is a nutrient-rich food: potato is an excellent source of vitamin C. A medium-sized skinned potato (148 g) can provide 45% of the vitamin C needed by the human body.

Another great nutritional value of potatoes is the addition of potassium.

Potassium is a mineral and is contained in every body cell of the human body. It is an essential nutrient for the human body.

If you feel the feeling of decline in daily life, the heat resistance is reduced, and the body is weak, it is likely to be a manifestation of potassium deficiency.

Increasing the intake of potatoes in the diet can not only achieve a small amount of supplementation, but also a certain amount of potassium, because the potato has the highest potassium content among the 20 most frequently consumed fresh vegetables and fruits.

Potato plasma glucose fiber, and soft, does not stimulate the stomach, suitable for all ages, people with stomach ulcers or enteritis can also eat with confidence, separated from the polished rice white fiber relative to replace.

  Studies have shown that potatoes are still one of the most satisfying foods. This is a favorite for friends who love to eat and want to lose weight. It is the food that many foodies love.

  The first fruit in spring: the nutritional ratio of strawberry and strawberry is very reasonable. The content of vitamin C is about 10 times that of the same amount of watermelon, grape or apple. In the strawberry, iron, fructose, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, etc. can be used.For the lung heat cough that is prone to spring, sore throat, long fire scorpion, etc., the nutrients contained in the strawberry can play an auxiliary treatment role.

At the same time, because of iron, friends with anemia can also eat.

The nutrients of strawberries are easily digested and absorbed by the human body. They can not be cold or get angry when they are eaten. They are healthy foods suitable for all ages, especially suitable for spring health.

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