From time to time to lure them out to do something,So that they can be completely exposed to the sun,Let them, a group of people who can’t see the sun, completely disappear into this world。

Or change the evil,Of course Xiao Fan feels that they have done so many bad things for so many years,It’s impossible to change the evil,The most likely thing is that they receive the punishment they deserve,And never hurt other people again。
Xiao Fan thought a lot,But these things have to be dealt with slowly,Can’t rush for a while,So Xiao Fan is not too anxious,The most important thing is to let Fan Lao take care of his body。
Lao Fan is also due to this illness recently,Somewhat weak,So Xiao Fan wanted to let him take care of his health,To have the energy to continue to deal with other things。
Fan’s body is always very good,If things are not good this time, then Xiao Fan feels that the couple who will make him regret the handling of it is too light。
But it’s over,Even if this matter is resolved,In the future, everyone will return to their normal lives step by step.。
Although Su Ran knew what happened this time,But Su Ran is still calm under the advice of Fan Lao and Xiao Fan,So don’t worry about other things,What’s more, Shen Lin comforted her from time to time。
Then everything will be solved,Xiao Fan has his own solution for the rest,,Thinking so,He came to Lin Yoona’s company from the villa,Thinking about taking Lin Yoona home。
But on the way, Lin Yoona called and said she was already at home,Let him go home,Then the two of them simply tidy up,Then go back to Lin’s house。
Xiao Fan said yes,Because he also thinks he wants to go back to Lin’s house with Lin Yuner these days,Look at Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng。Haven’t been back for so long,I don’t know how they are doing。
Anyway, that’s also his father-in-law,Therefore, Xiao Fan should take care of them.,Lin Yoona is also busy with work recently,But I always miss my parents。
She also knows that it has been a long time since she went home to visit her parents,So I hope to take this opportunity to accompany them two well。
Many times people are involuntary,Because there are so many things to deal with,Which one is more important at this time。Sometimes work is important,But the feelings of people around you are more important。
Because once you lose it, you can never catch it back,Work can continue to do other work,But once the relationship of the relatives around you is lost, it will be difficult to make up for it.。
So Lin Yoona doesn’t want to disappoint her parents,The same is true for Xiao Fan,He didn’t want Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng to feel that they had given him their daughter,And then no longer care about other things。
He is not the kind of ungrateful person。No delay after get off work,Drove back to their current home,When I went back, Lin Yoona was already arranging someone to pick up some things。
I bought these for Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng,Because they both lack nothing,Worry-free,But Yoona Lin always wants to give them the best。
Sometimes on business trip,I want to buy a copy for both of them when I see something good,Xiao Fan too,Sometimes I see a good thing and usually buy a copy and give it to Liu Chunlan。

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