Two people with different vertical orientation,Charge forward together。

The various gorgeous martial arts that I thought did not appear,Xia Chenglong has only one broken sword in his hand,Flame attached to the sword,Shuttle back and forth among those guys。
Every time the broken sword crosses,Are the most vulnerable parts of the Eight Spear Spider,This is to sing short,Take advantage of。
Have been making swords,So the inexplicable Xia Chenglong’s body has an artistic conception。
His mood disappeared a few hours ago,This kind of thing is helpless but it must be so。
Didn’t even find out,The moment he swung his sword,The area around the sword will be affected by that mood。
“this is……”
at last,Xia Chenglong felt that power,He can feel the origin of the sword,Seems to do whatever you want。
Generally, martial artists above rank five will use weapons as an opportunity to comprehend a certain mood.。
But many will have a lifetime,Follow the same vein。
Such as the speed of the sword,Sword Extreme,The Charm of the Sword,But what Xia Chenglong feels is not this kind of extreme,But the origin of the sword。
This indescribable feeling,But it exists。
How to explain?
As if all swords must obey his orders,Like a broken bamboo,No dissatisfaction。
Actually mastered the original artistic conception of the sword under the accident,Even if the current mood is still very young for Xia Chenglong,But this is already a very lucky thing。
Because it’s just the artistic conception of this rough sword,Let him kill these eight-spear spiders like cutting vegetables,Extremely easy!

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