“the host,We enter the battlefield of the plane this time,Must kill well!”A whole is somewhat similar to humans,But the head is much longer,And the girl with blue-purple cuticles smiled and said to an alien god who looked like a young man with an ancient armor。

“Linger,This is an extraterritorial battlefield,If you are not careful, you will even encounter great beings like Fengwang,We barely practiced to become immortal,You must be careful when you Feng Hou Chu。”Youth appearance,Very fond of girls。
“the host,The king of the third battlefield outside the territory,Xiaoban‘Melaleuca Void’in,Mostly in‘Time Labyrinth’in,There is almost no void in the outside world。。。We don’t need to be so careful!”The girl shook her head,“I predict,The vast majority of the outside world are military masters and immortal military masters,Sometimes someone who can match us is great!”
the other side,AEClass spacecraft。
“Is an ally of the Yaozu,hole*Clan!”
Li Ming looked at the projection shown by Barbata,Killing intent flashed in his eyes。
The four peak races in the core area of the universe,Allies,This ally is not the same thing as the four camps in the extraterritorial battlefield。
hole*Clan is a powerful clan under the command of Zerg,On strength equal to some powerful ethnic groups in Hongmeng,Far more than what Li Ming has ever seen‘Huosong’。
The latter can only be regarded as a vassal,And the former doesn’t say complete equality,But the status is very close to the Zerg。
This ethnic group,Has a deep hatred with the human race。
Especially on the outer battlefield,After all, the outer battlefield is the area where the ordinary immortal and the landlord fight,It’s almost impossible to see the real Zerg。
Terran、Yaozu、The strength divisions of the machine clan are relatively even。Feng Wang Shao,Feng Hou slightly more,The number of military masters and world masters is extremely large。
Zerg is actually the same,But a Zerg master,The bottom line of strength is comparable to Terran、Immortal demon。After all, the Zerg mother emperor’s worm sea tactics are too bad and too terrifying。
A master Zerg mother emperor made an army of Ten Thousand Master Zerg warriors,That is the most basic,A single attack from the Ten Thousand Zerg army,Attack power will be slightly higher than Feng Hou Primary。
And actually,The Lord Zerg’s mother emperor made a hundred thousand army,A million army is possible。

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