Time is suspended,Yushan Huangquan reached out to the distance gate,Diaphragm,Family absence the indifference between the sisters。
That is the eyes of murder!
Fruit wind roll in front of the door,Many people out。
The short knife stops when it is close to the mountains.,A big hand holds a short knife that is soaked,Five fingers tightened,Pinch the blade,Make Yoshan,Can’t make the blade again in half。
She looks forward.,Entering the eye is Liao Wenjie raised his hand to push the smile of Nashan Needle。
Handsome,Still laughing so warm,It’s a good man at first glance.。
With the back of the Yellow Spring, the grief shouts,A big hairdress in front of the door,The representatives of the privileges from the welcome people and the afar road have not been slow from the horror,Everything is far away,Unbelievable this magical development。
what’s the situation,How suddenly, I will kill it.,Are they not a family??
Ok,Is it a family?,The key is that so many people look at,It’s really thought that it can be acne.?
“deep!what are you doing?!”
The old father is soaked in the mountains.,It is the most shocking in the field.,In the prevailing of the majesty, the Lushan Nairou,His daughter is so mad,Why don’t he know?。
Be awkward!
Liao Wenjie,Solita,Learning in the mountains:“Good evil breath,There is still a bit,You are not a mountain,Who are you?”
谏山 冥 舔 舔,Red horse,Hold the short knife with both hands and stabbed the door to Liao Wenjie。
Broken knife,Friction of sparks。
Liao Wenjie and the sword,狠 戳 谏 腹,Spit out,Playing her body,Haggard。
Dragonfly penetrating,Dragonfly,The rest of the limbs,Dizziness directly,People have no movement in half air。
Liao Wenjie on the previous step,When the mountain is going to,Shoulders,Looking at this person:“Not trouble,Help me prepare a basement,I want to torture some intelligence。”
“Father,Are you OK?”
Lushan Huangquan and Tongliang Gong Jun quickly ran,谏 山 奈 微 微 微 头,Let the daughter don’t move,And then Liao Wenjie Road:“She is not a meditation,Right?”
Obvious,谏 山 奈 落 不 不 不 不,Under the gaze of so many eyes,I want to give the big niece to give an opportunity to elute the crime.。
“Pouch is,Inherently……”
Liao Wenjie looked up his hand on the shoulder,Serious face:“How is the specific situation?,I still don’t dare to assert,To cut her to the next conclusion。”
谏山 脸,Just a moment,The whole person looks old and old.。
舐 舐 情,The old father is not easy.!
Think of this,Liao Wenjie smiled comforted:“rest assured,Just take some things out,I will sew after the end,Can’t die。”

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