Su Grandma took the girl’s little hoe,Find the root of the vines,Slow Rusi digging from the surrounding。

“Should take a big head,This little,awkward。To dig a period http://www.wecanvalve.cnof time!”
“So troublesome?Then I don’t plant this.!Milk,How do you say a few bamboo around the spring??”
Niu Niu is simply do not want to make your grandmother toss。
But you can’t say it with Su Grandma.,I have learned,Such a few trunks can support!No need to dig!
“Niu Niu likes!However, this bamboo can be more difficult to dig.,Still waiting for your grandfather, they have time.!Let’s two can’t figure it out.!”
How can I have anything to start?!
Niu Niu said that he is empty, there is a theory, there is nowhere to practice,Uncomfortable!
“Let’s find it.,Is there a small number?,The fruit trees who have been long have been taken back to the past.?This will take a big family when I tomorrow.!”
Sunshamia touched the rough root stems,But in the end, I can’t bear to see the Niu Niu’s face.,Citing a set of airs,
“Large fruit trees often grow small seedlings,Milk takes you everywhere!Anyway, there is nothing.!”
“it is good!”
then,The ancestors have a small hoe, and a small hoe is turned over.。
Hard work pays off,Finally, there is a harvest。
Wild pear,Pine,Small 枇杷
“Niu Niu, this is to dress our family as a garden.!Digo so many fruit saplings back!”
Grandpa Su looked at the fruit seeds held by his wife.,Can’t help but hurt,
“Wait for three or five years,Let’s don’t eat fruit.!”
Ni Niu Meizhi hugged the seedlings,I still have the portrait of the vines
“How can I come back so long??Hot outside?”
Zhou Co’s hard work with the cold Patun on the small face of the red bouncing,
“Dig it so much thing back?
“Niu Niu has always remembered to grow fruit trees,Is this not accompanied by her??”
Su Grandma took a bite with the cold water of Zhou Hao.,I am so relieved.。
“mother,I am going to play the water.!”
“Be careful,Don’t play water!”
“I know!”
Slightly cleaned up a little around the eyes。
When it was cleaned, it was found that the water chamber was more than just the water left.,On the ground, there is still a spring eye.,Source continuous advanced water。
I don’t know when I am coming out.,Grandpa Su said he has no impression that there is spring eye.。
One time,Niu Niu is not worth winning。
It’s really a big cheap here.!

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