He is also a fire,Tens of trials,But none is not a failure。

never expected,Falling in someone else,Just just a few words, practice success.。
In other words,This is a young man with a rich life.,Its fire energy is only afraid of imagination。http://www.tongshuntc.cn
Is it a disciple of a big family??
“summer,let’s go。”Gogian Road。
Summer response,Sirred smile,Turn around。
Looking at their back,The face of the owner is mixed,In the end, I sat on the ground.。
The intestines have repented it.。
the other side,Two people left the street,Gogan asked with a smile,“How this secret?”
Summer is sinking,“very nice。”
Speech,His wrist reversal,Take out a mysterious spindle,Signature summer test。
Summer is faint,Explore the left hand,Flexion。
Finger tip runs very small chaotic fire energy,And under the mobility,Chaos operation。
Double flame imprint in the sea in the sea,Ray,As the contest is running,Bring double strength。
This mouse spindle is instantly cracking,A group of powder,Dust。
Nearby repairs all feel a http://www.jixianbuxiugang.cn very strong fire energy fluctuation,When they look,It’s just a shade of a dusty in the summer and Gogan.。
what happened。
Nobody knows。
They only feel,There is a fine to the extreme,Another fire energy of the burst is full。
Gogjian waves sleeves,The weighing powder is swept away,“Although it is secretary,Wei Neng and the magics also have a few different。”
Summer nodded,Corner of the mouth。
This so called,In fact, it is to compress the energy of fire.,Instant outbreak,Produce stronger power。
Summer dressed up,It is not much different from that stall owner.。
This kind of power,Almost improve his strength。
And the triple inflammation is almost the increase of 60%!
This is definitely a super secret.。
Just like a flame,Burning again,The upper limit of fire and power is constant。
Inflammation,It has added some kind of warming fuel among the flames.,Power is naturally not in the same day。
The key is this power,Refractive。
Summer feel,If you can’t condense this kind of light arrow with breaking big bow,An arrow shot,There is no bone that can froke the enemy’s body.。

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