Take the "national character", what is the park for this park?

On November 9, Zhongyi (Huaihua) Design Innovation Center, Wen Jiangufacturer is welcomed by the public. Not long before Wang Sen, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Central Propaganda Department, Central Websites, Wenxiong Department, and Radio, Air Technology Bureau, five ministries, jointly announced the list of national cultural and technology integration demonstration bases, Hunan Huaihua Culture (Advertising) Creative Industry Park Where it is. This is the third unit of our province to enter this "national image" industrial park, and the other is a national cultural and science and technology integration demonstration base for Changsha.

Located in the Dadanxi area, it is not as well, does not rely on the sea, and the economy is not developed. What can this be stood out? On November 9, the reporter came to the park to explore the answer.

1 industrial park gathered 114 cultural technology companies Hunan Huaihua Culture (Advertising) Creative Industrial Park, established in 2014, has built a national modern service industry digital media industrialization base Huaihua Center, Zhongyi (Huaihua) Design Innovation Center, Hunan Features More than 10 national and provincial open innovation platforms such as cultural industrial demonstration parks.

Around the emerging fields such as digital culture, digital film and television, online audiovisual, the park gathered 114 key cultural technology companies such as Jingdong, Jingdong Cloud, basically formative ecological technology, cultural tourism, creative design and digital economy 4 industrial clusters. Culture and technology, a "liberal art", a "science", how can they collide with sparks? "Let the sleepy literary resources are fresh." Into the Hunan Wanju Culture Industry Development Co., Ltd. The company provides books and newspapers and application services such as digitalization, audio story mining, VR Yunyun.

"We can digitally digitize the" Hunan Daily "before 50 years ago, and we can let the story of the story video.

Zheng Jia said.

Before the company’s "Huaihua Story E Station" shared terminal, the reporter saw that there is a folk, food, character, red, VR cloud tour and other columns.

Each video is equipped with 1 QR code, WeChat sweeps, you can find it. The reporter chooses the "Hongjiang Ancient Mall" of the VR Cloud Route, and then you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hongjiang Ancient Mall.

"The content is our competitiveness." Zheng Jia said that the company has provided cultural resource construction, preservation and application services for more than 200 prefecture-level Municipal Travel Transportation and Libraries in the country, with the largest cultural resources in the country. data. Exploration "Cultural Science and Technology Employment Village Revitalization" Development Road "is based on Huaihua Regional resources. We gradually explore the unique development of ‘cultural science and technology to village revitalization’, and play a role in the Wuling Mountain.

Tan Yaan, deputy director of Huaihua Economic Development Zone Management Office, said that this is a "winning method" who watched the "national image".

织 技 技 艺 手 手 手 手 手 县 县 县 县 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手In the past, the people of the Yi people were hand-woven, and the price was only 60 to 80 yuan.

Into the interested (Huaihua) Design Innovation Center, the reporter saw that the products here have been "out", and they have participated in the International Exhibition Platform of the Italian Milan Expo, Milan International Design Week.

"After our Jinjin products attached cultural ideas, they sold to 800 to 1,000 yuan, which is more than 10 times." The staff said confidently.

In 2015, the park and Hunan University Art Design Academy jointly established a Chinese (Huaihua) Design Innovation Center, and now the center has become a national open innovation platform. The center is committed to exploring the development model of "non-legacy data", through information, industrialization and internationalization, and helps Huaihua Country Revitalization. Taking the center’s "Township Home" Culture Public Welfare Platform and "Shu said" light fashion public welfare brand as an example, the project raised more than 10 million yuan, focusing on the introduction of Yi Jinfei inheritance, Musianmei led the local people through the Qing Dynasty Realize the prosperity. "Double 11" shopping festival is approaching, Jingdong Cloud (Huaihua) Digital Economic Industry Park, "Live Economy". "In recent years, we pay attention to enhanced agricultural added value and build a brand when helping farmers.

For example, we successfully established the positioning of Mayang’s rock sugar orange in the high-end market. This year, we also undertake the activities of the Mayang rock orange picking section. "Huang Haichun, head of Jingdong Intelligent City Huaihua Project, introduced that Jingdong sales of Nangochemical rock sugar and orange, 2020, is expected to deliver 100 million yuan this year.

Tan Yaan said, in the future, the park will be a major national strategy for rural revitalization, digital culture, and literature integration, and cooperate with Hunan University and other institutions, gathering innovative enterprises that have high technical content and high cultural characteristics, and create one A typical case of cultural science and technology integration, and the road to cultural science and technology is in the road to revitalize the villages.

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