Qinghai Province’s "China Water Tower" on the "China Water Tower" for the Heavy Legislation Legislation

On November 5, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of Water Resources that "the Regulations on the Implementation of River Long System in Qinghai Province" passed the 27th meeting of the 13th People’s Congress of Qinghai Province, November 2021 It will be implemented on the 1st. Up to now, Qinghai Province is a province of the eighth independent proposition of the country on the long-term work legislation of the river lake.

The introduction of the Regulations is the new era of "water-saving priority, space balancing, system management, and two hands", and continues to deepen the long system of the river, and promote the modernization of water governance system and governance. It provides important regulatory system guarantees.

Thirty Articles in the Regulations, clarified the implementation of the work principles, funding protection, organizational system, and working mechanism system, clearly, and the rivers and lakes of the rivers, the rivers and lakes of the five-level river lake. , The river lake head office, the work responsibility of the responsible department, the basis for the joint regulations, information construction, information disclosure, work notification, social supervision, inspector, work, and accountability, etc. The Regulations stipulate that in accordance with the principles of administrative regional management and the management of the river lake basin, the provincial, municipal, county, township, village five-level river lake length system.

Provincial, city (state), county (city, district, counter), township (town, street) set up a total of the head lake.

The rivers and lakes graded segmentation were set up a responsibility of the Lake Legacy.

Specific areas such as nature protection are required to establish a responsibility of the River Lake. The Regulations stipulate that the people’s governments at all county level shall be included in the financial budget for the implementation of the Heng Lake, and set the rivers and lake management regulations to encourage social public supervision, and supervise the management and protection of river lake. . Provincial, city (state), county (city, district, and counterprint) The He Lake Chief Office should establish and improve the management of the rivers and lakes, through daily inspections, special inspections, key inspections, implementation of the long system of the rivers and lakes The next level of the rivers and lakes will conduct supervision.

Infining the company’s long-term work system, the total river lake head is reviewed or listened in the right time, the main responsible unit of the rivers and long-term responsibility units, the main responsible report of the heads of the next level.

The rivers and lakes of the cross-bank region, jointly promoted the establishment of the joint government system, sharing the management and protection of rivers and lakes, and carry out joint inspections, joint law enforcement, joint governance, and realize the basin regional joint defense. (Editor: Ma Jianhui, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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