Trump trade policy makes the United States and the business world

[] Recently, from the US Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company announced that some production will be transferred to overseas, General Motor Company warns the taxation may lead to the company’s business shrinkage and layoff, to the EU, Canada, Mexico, India, Turkey, etc. Leveduct tariffs, Trump government’s trade "Breakfast" policy is making US companies and consumers a victims of their premiere, far away from their original intention to reinvigorate domestic manufacturing and protect employment.

In the 21st century of economic globalization, industrial chain internationalization, to improve tariff and trade stress as characteristics, the damage is more disadvantageous, and it is increasingly unhappy. First, improve import product tariffs, but cannot protect US domestic industries, but will make US companies and consumers pay for overseas tariff costs.

The US Chamber of Commerce has warned the US government, and the improving tariff is "taxation" for American companies and consumers, which will disrupt the global supply chain, increase the production cost of American companies imported by raw materials and components, and harm American manufacturers. And the competitiveness of the exporter.

American consumers including the work class have to pay higher prices for imported goods, increasing daily life expenses, and may push up the US domestic inflation.

  Second, the US improvement tariffs have been retaliated by major trading partners, US companies, farmers and consumers will suffer further losses. According to the Statistics of the National Foreign Trade Council, the current US main trading partners have prepared a total of approximately 90 billion US dollars in the US export product.

These countermeasures will further harm the interests of US exporters, and millions of US employment posts are threatened and harm the overall US economy.

  It is to avoid the retired tariffs that the European Union’s expensive US motorcycles will be forced to announce that some motorcycle production is transferred overseas.

Kaste Bown, the senior researcher of the Peterson International Economics Research Institute, Washington, pointed out that American companies such as European companies are facing triple strike: the higher production costs of American steel aluminum tariffs, other trading partners The heavy burden caused by US retaliatory tariffs, European companies have obtained more favorable tariffs from the new self-trade agreement signed by the EU and Japan. He expects many American companies to follow Harley Davidson to move some factories overseas, which is the price of "bad trade policy".

  The US government abuses the "national security" legal terms unilateral effect, not only by EU, China, India, Canada, Russia, Mexico and Norway, etc. challenge. US Congress, president of the Senate Foreign Board, recently, recently, requiring the restriction of the power to levied tariffs based on "national security" reasons, and received more than 270 US commercial organizations. The US International Iron and Steel Association filed a lawsuit to the US International Trade Court. The Trump government believed that the "232" "232" of the imported steel products was brought about by 25% tariff, and the court did not ask the court to stop implementing the above steel tariffs.

  In the context of economic globalization and internationalization of industrial supply chain, relying on improving tariffs to protect domestic industries and employment can only be a wish.

As the US Strategic and International Problem Research Center Trade Expert William Lai Shi Shi said that today’s international trade is a win-win cooperation between the state rather than zero and games, the current trade policy of the United States is more like a 17th, 18th century recommends policy. Continuation, does not comply with the 21st century economic globalization. The best way to help American consumers, workers and manufacturers are to open up new markets, reduce tariffs and trade barriers, rather than add barriers to their own markets.

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