Cross Pingba Township: cadres concerted work together to build a happy home

Cross Township: cadres concerted work together to build a happy home.

"Asphalt road straight through the door, the government is also helping the placement of the tricks fence, planted flowers.

Now living conditions greatly improved, stayed the same in the rural areas is very good. "November 10 morning, who lives in the village of Castle Peak Cross Country Joe Gui small village of Pingba Gan Well on busy open, in front of their own beautiful building, run up and down to the flowers were watered, fed to the fish. Gan small wells 58 people, hillside houses, quiet and beautiful. Every family courtyard clean, outside the house one should object placed neatly around their houses full of flowers and trees.

It is learned from and carry out its work to create livable village, township set up a cross to create a livable countryside to promote the revitalization of rural work leading group, according to "have a significant change in a month, three months to completely change," the objectives, and fully mobilize the broad masses peasants to achieve "health around himself arrested, village appearance together to create a happy life we made" enthusiastic, cadres concerted work together to promote the village appearance continues to improve the development of rural areas a new look.

Inspired by the winter sun into the Cross Village Township Luo hospital pony farm, all around Castle faint, I could feel the breeze. After strict regulation of the road but not a piece of paper, each household vehicles placed in an orderly, farmers doorstep heap of debris are transformed into flower beds planted with flowers and trees.

"Recently, we strictly follow livable village ‘four clean two to a four-forbidden’ remediation content, and publicity to explain in each village group yuanba meeting, distributed to all households posted" To the villagers’ letter, "each villager group posted a "livable village created to promote the revitalization of rural health civilized" black list "," and "pacts", to create livable villages work to make every family, everyone knows. Meanwhile, the village cadres to take the lead play an exemplary leading role, actively carry out garbage removal, removal of beating and construction, dredging ditches pipelines. "Luo Yuan village cadres residing Chongjiu Lee said. In addition to propaganda work of the masses, cross rural villages will also recommend the villagers village "old" (veteran, veteran party members, the old models, old teachers, old Walled) by Yuan Ba themselves in strict accordance with the "four clean two to a four-prohibited "13 major items of 31 small items index for the village farmers weekly competitions, awarded the" civilized sanitary model family model "red flag hanging in front of farmers, and posted a permanent" livable rural health civilized demonstration households "Slava watches inspire the masses to households with a group, a group with the village, drive whole village masses than catching up, and ultimately the countryside livable. For rural village livable create work inspection ranking, cross the township of work to promote a strong, distinctive, bright spots of the village, in the township to promote learning and reward in year-end assessment, to check the problem was criticized village , credited township rectification accounting issues, and incorporate year-end appraisal points, the final scores directly linked to village level package insurance executives annual bonuses, staff and village levels in order to spur the advance and retreat with a total effort, and realistically do a good job each livable rural village to create work.

"Currently, we have a total removal of rural village life of more than 1261 tons of garbage, cleaning 32 66 river km, clean up sewage ditch pond 13, clean up the production of livestock and poultry manure and other agricultural waste 490 tons, and clean up the ruins of old dilapidated buildings at 41 demolition blue room, steel tile, shacks, sheds and other steel structures at 5720 meters, demolition living tomb 5, governance cluttered than 180, cleaning advertising field, more than 450 indecent advertising . removal of illegal housing 100 square meters, a total of more than 40,000 people to mobilize the masses to participate in the work of creation, and built their houses a small garden, a small orchard, small garden 30 places.

"Chairman Cross township People’s Congress He Chenghua said the next step in the consolidation of existing achievements, will continue to refine the measures, and strictly implement the district, township and village level cadres package security responsibility, relying on" a center with a network of ten households "grid management, and actively build livable countryside to create a new pattern, to create comfortable and hygienic, beautiful happy home to the masses, creating a comprehensive rural livable upgraded version (Figure / penny Kay) (Editor: Wu Feng , Chen Kangqing) share to allow more people to see the recommended reading.

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