“Hehe,Second uncle,Don’t care about her,Let’s continue talking about our。”Qiao Tianyu smiled and shook his head,What did you say about Michelle with you today,Which way are you jealous?!

First0471chapter Hard to pay back!
After laughing,Qiao Tianyu once again turned his attention back to business。
I heard the second uncle say so much just now,It can be seen that Lily is still the same Lily from the previous life,No change,If this matter is changed to someone else,Maybe Qiao Tianyu doesn’t doubt it。
But Lily is different,She is the proud protégé of the founder of the Zhiyin school, Yamaki Kobayashi,The most insidious and cunning style。
In case Lily had guessed Qiao Tianyu’s intention to place her in Qiaojiapu’s home,I expected Qiao Tianyu to return to Qiaojiapu to investigate her?
So everything I just said was done deliberately for Qiao Tianyu,This Scheming City Mansion,Lily still has it,So about this, Qiao Tianyu had to guard against。
So Qiao Tianyu had to turn his head to look at his second uncle again,“Second uncle,Please think again,About that Lily,Does she have any other unusual behaviors?”
“Other unusual behavior?”Qiao Dajiang frowned,I rack my brains to remember Lily’s bit by bit in Qiaojiapu,But I haven’t found the answer。
But just when Geordajiang was puzzled,Suddenly the voice of a crazy girl came from the north house not far away。
“father!Where’s my pendant!Where is my pendant?!Must have been stolen by my sister again!My pendant,You still my pendant!Wow……”
“amount…….”Hear the madness and madness coming from the north house,Qiao Tianyu knows who it is without thinking?
Yes,That’s the second daughter of Qiao Dajiang mentioned earlier—-Xiao Nizi!

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