“He wants to fight Wu Hao?Are you impatient?!”

“Ah,It’s only level 42,Let’s wait for a good show,See how Wu Hao cleans up him!”
For a time,The four seeded teams all appeared one-sided voices,They are all supporting Wu Hao。
Even the team from Prince Ning’s Mansion,At this time, he was staring at the priest with a long look,Very dissatisfied。
Because this priest wants to take back Wu Hao’s magic weapon,If this is done,Then it means,The Palace of Gods is eligible to take back the Gods from all of them。
These magic soldiers are their lives in the hegemony competition,Why can someone take it back with a word?
And at this moment,The members of Team Aoki,It seems that things are not quite right。
Their backbone,Just keep your head down,Muttering,Don’t know what’s talking about。
But Huang Shaotian, a beautiful swordsman, has a nonchalant look,Like frosted eggplant,Not at all energetic,Didn’t even plan to speak。
Tu Shanming really wants to stand in front,It’s a pity that he will be covered with wounds,Don’t say stand up,I even raised my arm and wanted to breathe for a long time,Have no ability to fight。
At this moment,Only Liu Wenzhang stepped forward,Took the initiative to block the Wu Hao brothers。
“The priest,We are the champion team of this seed battle,Magic soldiers are the reward of the competition,Why do you want to recycle?”
“Yes,Why are you!”After Liu Wenzhang finished,Among the other three teams,Some people shouted。
“Seed battle first?Pooh!This tattered title,I got it five years ago!What are you little guys?!”

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