“Which piece of land in Zhangluhe Village is included in the industrial park is not false,But when will it be completed,Who builds it,All this is a question mark。So you must be able to bring out things that impress the local administration,Supervise from top to bottom,This will do more with less”Yao Junli is really good。

Although Xia Jian has experienced a lot of things these years,But compared to Yao Junli,I still lack a lot of experience。So he laughed and said:“Well, Mr. Yao!Leave this to you”
“no problem!But I have a request,I want to invest in this industrial park”Yao Junli said solemnly。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“President Yao!Are you a bit too arbitrary?You just heard that this is an industrial park,As for how to build?You don’t know how to operate,Are you afraid of throwing money into the water??”
“Ha ha!Mr. Wang may not know。All projects developed by Xia Jian in Pingdu,I almost have investment in Yao Junli。Facts proved,Every project I invest in is making money,So I believe his vision”Yao Junli said very firmly。
Wang Lin:“Oh!”With a。She glanced sideways at Xia Jian next to her。Xia Jian frowned and thought for a while and said:“She is right,Whether it’s a long or short shot,Now it’s getting benefits”
“OK!Since President Yao trusts us so much, President Xia,Let me ask,How many are you going to invest in?”Wang Lin is also a very serious person,Say wind is rain,Immediately entered the real problem。
Yao Junli didn’t even want to say:“five million!This is my strength,Is also my usual investment style”
“it is good!Mr. Yao is really quick talk,No wonder you are our good friend Xia。Mr. Xia was right,The tackling of this piece of land depends entirely on Mr. Yao”Wang Lin smiled,It is very natural to put this burden on Yao Junli’s shoulders。
Yao Junli glanced at Xia Jian,Just about to speak,Xia Jian rushed to say:“This land is transferred by our startup company,Your two companies invest。We will discuss the details when this land is transferred to our hands”How smart is Xia Jian,Two sentences give the identity of each company。
Wang Lin smiled,No more words,There was a knock at the door。Yao Junli got up and opened the door to take a look,It turned out to be Zhang Luhe’s village head Lu Hao。
Lu Hao laughed and walked in,But when he saw Xia Jian and Wang Lin sitting on the sofa,The smile on his face disappeared。
“Yo!Chief Lu,I didn’t know each other just now?”Xia Jian laughed and greeted him,Took Lu Hao and sat on the sofa。
Lu Hao just about to speak。Yao Junli on the side rushed to say:“Chief Lu is older than each of us,So let’s call him Brother Lu,What’s not long?,Doesn’t sound good outside”
“it is good!Mr. Yao’s proposal is very good。Did today’s matter scare Brother Lu??”Xia Jian said,So I hurried to the subject。
Lu Hao smiled honestly and said:“Don’t you know,Where is this bully He Xiaoxi。Being wild love is not afraid of things,The town police station has nothing to do with him。I didn’t expect to be cleaned up by you today,Really happy”
“Brother Lu may not know something。It’s true that He Xiaoxi was beaten by me。But he was arrested, but there is a record。Municipal Public Security Bureau has received numerous reports,In fact, he has been scouting for evidence,It’s just that he is too arrogant today,You say he won’t go in?”
Xia Jian smiled,I probably told Lu Hao about He Xiaoxi。This will also reduce the burden on his heart。Otherwise, Lu Hao still wondered why Xiaoxi went in,It’s Xia Jian’s ghost,It’s not good for him。

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