It’s alive so soon.?

Originally, you still want to hang up mixing,It seems that the plan is empty.。
Zhou Ye immediately opened the background。
Although I am equivalent to an internet doctor now,But still is responsible for the patient。
“Hello,Doctor,I want to ask if I have problems with this blood pressure.。”A registration name called“James is handsome”Patient launched a consultation。
ThisappOne thing is very good,Is to protect patient privacy,If you don’t deliberately go to check,What is the name and information basically can’t see?。
Sometimes,Patient will be embarrassed because of something,But it will not be embarrassed online.。
Zhou Ye looks at this“James is handsome”Consultation message,Estimated should be a young guy or a middle-aged man。
James is no controversialnbaThe first person in the alliance,Three crowns,2018Annual Knight’s Lone Hero,What is the finals in the finals?,Save the sentence,James4Unar,The real deductive a athlete is the most conscientious pay in his job.!
“I don’t know if the Lakers in October this year can win the championship.?”Zhou Ye is also a fan。
NS148chapter Outpatients encounter high blood pressure
“Hello,Doctor Zhou is,I don’t reply.?”At this time“James is handsome”Patient asked。
Zhou Yewu came back from the Zijin Dynasty of the Lakers.。
“How much blood pressure?”Zhou Ye immediately called。
“James is handsome”Hesitate,It seems to recall your blood pressure value。
There is no response in one minute.。
Zhou Ye looks at the screen is thinking,Is this not a middle-aged?,An elderly?It’s so slow?
In fact, the truth,Hypertension is also a lot of people。
Maybe it’s really an old man.。
However, this name is a true tide.,LooknbaOld man?In Zhou Ye, I turned in the brain in my mind, I appeared in Duru.。
The bus is slightly hiking,Shocking Zhou Yucu’s stomach,Let him feel some inexplicable。
He feels that you have to start episrackers.!
Here is the airport,Half an hour’s drive,If you have a sudden“spray”Stomach content,It’s just a bit embarrassed.。
“Superhock?But just a piece.。”Chen Riyuan gave Zhou Yewu’s volatolian posture when it was used in the plane.,If it is used at this moment,At the time of the machine?Zhou Ye suddenly saddened。
He quietly saw the eye of Yeyuan,I found that he and Xu cool quality are happy.,I really don’t dare to disturb.。
I can’t even have a vancoucher.,That is still going to Wuhan to overcome a more tough epidemic.。
supernbA message came from the doctor。
“My blood pressure is over the morning pressure.135,Lower pressure is87,Is this high??”The small program“James is handsome”Ask。
This is naturally not high。
Normal high blood pressure should be contracted140and90,more than the120and80It can only be said that it is normal and high blood pressure.。
Zhou Ye just wants to tap the keyboard to say that there is no problem.。
His insurance is still typing:“Have you previously had hypertension??”
“James is handsome”The hand is really slow.,After a minute, I will reply to the road.:“some,I have ten from the Chinese blood pressure.。”
Look at this snail reply speed,Zhou Ye Weimar wants to call directly to play.。
This is true。

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