After a moment,The clouds are coming。

She looked at Liu Qing, still coma,Worry,“He is fine.。”
Summer calls out a breath,“Let’s leave here first.,Maybe not used long?,Western repairers are coming.。”
The clouds nodded。
Now,Three people retired from the distance。
Just got a long time,Summer brows。
“Yunchi children,Your injury……”Make a reason,There are two swords behind the clouds.,Not deadly。
Summer feelings,The breath of the clouds became extremely weak。
“You see it.?”
The clouds are jealous,“The two swords have nothing,But I am poisonous,This is extremely overbearing toxins,Can now only prevent toxins from spreading。”
Summer is not shocked,“Poison?”
“right,A secret,And it is a means of epithanism。”
The color of the summer suddenly turned。
he knows,Five topplates,There is a magenta。
“right,This phenolius,Sound from a kind of energy,It is also a unique means of epithanism。”
The look of the clouds,“This must pay attention to,After going back, I will report the star of the SAR.。”
Summer nodded,Did not ask this topic,How to say,“Then your injury……”“I temporarily seal the wound near the god.,The spread of the poison will not be too fast,After going back, please ask the main shot,She has a magical fire jade,Can forced the poison。”
“Fire properties can drive toxins?”
Summer eyes slightly bright,Also,“My heart is relatively special,Yunchi children,Maybe I will try it?”
“this……All right。”
The clouds were stunned.,And post-pain promises,I deeply looked at the summer.,Turn around。
Her back,Two deep wounds。
Summer is close to see,Those wounds,It turned out to be faintly rid of the silk black fog,It seems like an endless grievance in the mourning。
“This is a phen?”
“right,A secret toxin created by the soul energy。”
Summer breathing a breath,“You have to bear it。”
Say,He tears the cloth on the back of the clouds.,Thoroughly expose two shocking wounds。
Spin,Summer probe is lightly pressed。
The original fire is applied to the palm of the energy.,Slowly penetrate。
The nature of the wound suddenly transpends gray smoke,It is faintly boring.。
Really managed。”
Clouds,“summer,Is your heart of the fire to be promoted to??”
Soon laugh in summer,“should……right。”

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