Special technicians come! my country’s skill talents enter the "six-level work" era

  Original title: Superior technician is coming! my country’s skill talents entered the "Sixth Cooperative" Times Xinhua News Agency Beijing, September 15 (Reporter Jiang Lin) Human Resources Social Security Department issued a notice to carry out a special technician evaluation pilot. This means that my country has set a special technician position in primary workers, intermediate workers, senior workers, technicians and senior technicians, and skill talents entered the "six-level work" era. According to this notice, special technicians should engage in technical skills work and have excellent high-skilled talents for the production scientific research line.

People hiring a special technician post can enjoy the relevant treatment comparable to the senior titles of the enterprise. It can be combined with the actual situation, and it is preferentially enjoyed the health and vacation and the preferential policy of housing, housing, medical security, children’s education.

  Data show that my country’s skill workers reach 200 million, of which more than 50 million high-skilled talents, and skill talents are in short supply, and the ratio of people will remain in longer than before. "Set up special technicians and ensure its related treatment, can improve the social status and treatment levels of skills, and smooth their career development channels, and motivate more workers rely on skills to grow talents, based on their jobs.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Human Resources Social Security said.

  The notice is clear, the pilot enterprise is a company that is recognized by the provincial and over the human society. Enterprises should set up work platforms such as special technicians to provide conditions such as technical skills, process improvements, and solve significant technical problems, etc., and give full play to their technical research, invention creation, and belonging. effect.

  According to reports, at present, Shandong and other places have first tried to set up special technicians. China Aerospace Science and Technology, China Aerospace Science, China Petroleum, San Petrochemical, etc. Some of the industrial enterprises have also carried out active explorations, and the skills positions are divided into a number of levels and salary treatment, while establishing parallel careers parallel to managers. Promotion channel.

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