Autumn crabs, although the fat related foods are different foods_1

Autumn crab, although fat, related foods, different foods

The food may have a gram effect that many people know. Of course, many grams of food are all about reducing their nutritional value and not much harm.

But some foods may be fatal with food?

This requires considerable attention.

Autumn is the season for the harvest of crabs. Although the crab meat is delicious, it is easy to react with certain foods and promote toxins.

There are still a lot of things to be aware of when eating crabs in the fall.

  Autumn is deep, it is a good time to eat crabs.

Streets and streets, TV broadcasts, there is nowhere to pre-empt about eating crabs.

Recently, the article teaches you how to use the tomato to stew the crab’s post suddenly fires up. It’s not because of how delicious the tomato stewed crab, but because the tomato can not be controversial with the crab.

According to experts, crab crabs contain five-valent impurities, which do not harm people, but under the action of vitamin C, it will become a trivalent impurity, commonly known as arsenic.

Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, so crabs and tomatoes can’t be eaten together.

So in addition to tomatoes, delicious crabs can not be eaten with certain foods?

  Persimmon + crab == indigestion crab, two persimmons are the most popular food in autumn, but the two can not be eaten together.

Why is this?

Because crab meat is rich in protein, and persimmon contains a lot of residual acid, the two kinds of substances will react once they are eaten together, forming fragments of protein solidified into pieces.

And this coagulation is difficult to digest our stomach, so if someone eats crabs and eats persimmons, they will have nausea, throwing up spit, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other discomforts.

  Beverage + Crab == Bacteria grows When you eat crabs, you always like to drink some drinks. In fact, the best match for crabs is yellow wine.

Because crabs contain a little bacteria, drinking vinegar can kill them, and the gastric juice also has a certain bactericidal ability, but after drinking the drink, it becomes a dilute of gastric juice, and the sterilization effect is greatly reduced.

  Pear + crab = stomach cold pear is a cool food, eating with cold crabs will damage the spleen and stomach, causing indigestion.

Except for pears and ice water, ice cream can’t be eaten with crabs.

Crabs are already cold foods. If you eat them with other cold foods, they will cause diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders.

  Mutton + Crab = Spleen and Stomach Dysfunction Since the crab is yin, will it be better if it is served with the more hot lamb?

The answer is not good!

Because the cold crab encounters the warm mutton, it will reduce the warming effect of the mutton, and cause the spleen and stomach to cause bad effects.

Especially for patients with yang deficiency or spleen deficiency, eating these two kinds of foods at the same time is very easy to cause dysfunction of the spleen and stomach, and the boots affect the vitality of the human body.

  Peanut + Crab = Diarrhea We all know that many of the oils we usually eat are extracted from peanuts, which means that the oil content of peanuts is very high.

A peanut meal content is as high as 45%. If you eat such a greasy food together with a cold crab, it will cause digestibility and cause diarrhea.

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