Shijiazhuang City implements a medium and long-term young development planning work promotion meeting

  On September 23, Shijiazhuang City implemented a medium and long-term Youth Development Planning Work Promotion Association was held, and Zhan Xiaoyang, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and speaking.

  The meeting conducted a speech at the Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of China. Luquan District, Yuhua District reported the progress of the pilot work. Zhan Xiaoyang pointed out that in depth, we must study the importance of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important instructions of youth work, improve the political station, and earnestly unify the ideology and action to the central and provincial and municipal committees, and do a good job in the development of young development in the new era. Planning implementation of various work, providing talent support and intellectual support for the construction of modernization, international and beautiful provincial capital. Zhan Xiaoyang demanded that it is necessary to further strengthen the ideological leadership, building a young man’s ideological roots.

Educate youth firm ideals, cultivate and enhance youth to the party, the feelings of the motherland, and the enthusiasm of strong patriotism, love party enthusiasm into promotion. Educate youth to establish a correct value, integrate personal ideals into the common ideals of the Chinese nation, integrate into the construction of modernization, international and beautiful provincial capitals, and strive to promote the "seven big jumping" identified by the 11th Party Congress of the city. "The main task of struggle and" nine unswerving "becomes real development results. Education youth strengthen moral cultivation and take the lead to advocate good social atmosphere, and promote positive energy in practical actions. To focus on hotspots, create a good environment for youth growth.

Finding youth can provide favorable conditions for the good-entry point and combination point, accurate Meteor, to provide favorable conditions for the majority of young employment entrepreneurs, and focus on solving the concerns of young people concerned, and highly pay attention to the interests of youth groups, and earnestly maintain the benefits of young development.

  Zhan Xiaoyang emphasizes that we must adhere to the party management youth principles, strengthen the party committee’s centralized unified leadership of youth, formulate specific measures, compaction work responsibilities, and ensure that every work is arrested, some people have managed. To implement the policy system, vigorously promote the implementation of various specific tasks such as "Building Youth Friendly Cities" and the National Communist Youth League.

It is necessary to select the advanced typical example of the tree youth, and promote the typical case of service youth development, and effectively create a strong atmosphere, condense the work together, and further stimulate and lead the young people to build modernization, international and beautiful provincial capital contribution. Source: Shijiazhuang Daily Client Reporter: Dai Li Li.

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