The second phase of the West Technology Innovation Port III speed promotes the construction of Qin Chuangyuan innovation drive platform

  Xi’an Net News As an important part of Qin Chuanghara’s total window and the first start area, Xixian New District Western Science and Technology Innovation Hong Kong III A plate began construction in March this year, and the construction area has reached 60%, and it will become the province after completion. The largest incubator, scientific achievements translate the SAR and the two chain converged demonstration zones, and help the Qin Chuanggen innovative drive platform to accelerate. In the morning, the reporter came to the second phase of the Xihua Technology Innovation Hong Kong, the West Xianxin District, and the scene was a busy construction scene.

It is understood that the second phase of the Xi Mini Technology Innovation Hong Kong covers an area of ??2266 mu, with a total construction area of ??about 2.81 million square meters. Around basic research, application research, design development, trial, improvement, production and sales, industrialization spread, etc. , Talent houses, cultural and sports facilities, community supporting functions are all available.

  Xi Xianxin District Silk Road, Minister, Minister of Engineering, Minister Zhou Ruijie, has started from 166 million m2, and the main structure is 250,000 m2.

It is planned to be put into production at the end of 2023.

  As an important carrier area of ??Qin Chuanghara’s total window construction, the Xi Mini Technology Innovation Hong Kong II will provide 600,000 square meters of incubator physical space, 270,000 square meters of talent apartment, attracting people with innovative entrepreneurship. Release regional universities, build a full-chain industry innovation spatial system, and promote "two links" to fuse. Liangxing, deputy director of Qin Chuanghara, Qin Xincheng, the next step, we will fully accelerate the urban basic support, people’s livelihood support, creative carrier construction and major project service work, and strive to build the largest incubator and provincial talents in the province. Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Total Window, Building a National Science and Technology Center, contributing to the new era of Shaanxi Province.


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