Ok?tree?So valuable?Can solve the fund of road paving?

The village chief nodded:“That’s public,Did not say who owned it。”
“That tree,Is yellow rosewood,Belonging to precious wood。Just set up that tree,Can sell for one or two million,Isn’t it enough for you to build the road??”Hu Yang said。
The village chief and others don’t know what Huanghualimu is,But the audience in the live room was in an uproar。The value of yellow rosewood,They probably know。No wonder,Hu said that a tree can solve the financial problem of road construction。
and,Brother Hu didn’t mention this precious wood once or twice,A piece of yellow rosewood furniture left from the Ming and Qing Dynasties,Can get millions,Even tens of millions。
In addition,Someone also read the news,Some people go to jail for stealing huanghuali wood,visible,How precious is huanghuali wood。
If there is such a treasure tree in the village,What are the funding issues?。
One might think,Such precious trees,Why not keep it?Do you have to cut it all off??Do you have to destroy the environment??People who ask this,Obviously someone who has not yet left the society,Haven’t worked hard,Never suffered,Never faced real life,To say such silly things。
Precious trees,Can it be more valuable than people?Guarding a treasure,Living a hard life,That’s silly.Forced behavior。
“village head,I can help you contact buyers。before this,I think you should solve the problems mentioned before,otherwise,Ha ha!That’s great fun。”
For those who have been noisy,Suddenly found that there is such a valuable tree in the village,It’s not a strange thing to fight。
The village chief also obviously felt the seriousness of the problem,Nodded quickly。
“Anyway,I still have to thank you boss Hu。This issue,I have to plan well。”this time,Who dare to trouble,He is never merciless,I have to talk to the elders in the village。
Next,Populus doesn’t say much,After a meal,Bring Huazai and Xiaoli,Return to Yangcheng。
The village chief and others have been sent to the entrance of the village。
Chapter One Hundred Seventy Seven Come back home

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