I’ll wipe it!

Drop the chain at the most critical moment,Just now that buddy was about to say what David wanted to do,Was interrupted,What a pity!
But from the twittering of the gentlemen just now,Qiao Tianyu also heard some eyebrows,It turns out that these people standing here are welcoming their arrival,It sounds like everyone’s evaluation of themselves is not low。
And Qiao Tianyu also heard a lot of information from their discussions,Especially the Rothschild family is so jealous of themselves,This is what Qiao Tianyu didn’t expect before。
First0232chapter The strange Rothschild family
Qiao Tianyu is a little scared thinking about it now,In case yesterday he rejected the old Mr. Rothschild’s invitation to come out in person,I’m afraid I’m already in a different place!
But since it has been recognized,Qiao Tianyu won’t be able to pretend,Besides, I have to participate in a while“Golden House”Bargaining meeting,I can’t lie now,So Qiao Tianyu had to“honestly”Explained。
“Gentlemen,good morning!I am Mr. Qiao Tianyu’s assistant,Mr. Joe’s car was rushed to the underground parking lot by security personnel just now,How can he get into this building for a meeting?”
“what?Qiao Tianyu was here long ago?!”Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard it,They are all waiting here foolishly,But I don’t want people to have reached the parking lot。
Ever since,The large group of gentlemen in suits and leather shoes brought a group of journalists with long guns and short cannons,Hulala ran to the underground parking lot,This scene,Like outside the airport“Chasing stars”Reporters and fans。
Follow the crowd to the underground parking lot,Qiao Tianyu points in the invisible headset“Qiao Tianyu”Cui Kai。
Qiao Tianyu told Cui Kai,After being greeted from the car for a while,Just say hello to those people politely,Don’t talk too much,Hurry up and let everyone take him to today’s destination—“Golden House”Can。
But really,Today this occasion is too big,Although it’s nothing to Qiao Tianyu who is used to all of this,But he was very worried“Qiao Tianyu”Can Cui Kai hold down the place?。
But soon Qiao Tianyu’s worries disappeared without a trace,“Qiao Tianyu”Classmate Cui Kai is indeed a born good actor,After getting Qiao Tianyu’s instructions,He started acting career。
Wait for the group of gentlemen to run to the car,All smiles and invited him to get off,“Qiao Tianyu”Cui Kai sorted out her hairstyle naturally,Then put a very professional smile on his face,Get out of the car surrounded by people。
After getting off“Qiao Tianyu”Cui Kai’s performance is even more remarkable,He graciously shook hands with the group of executives of Rothschild Bank.,Easy and natural movement,Without pretentiousness,I can’t see any sense of violation at all。

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