“I、rice flour。”Chen Wenjin answered very simply,Chen Qian standing on the mop,Looking at him speechlessly with wide eyes,The latter was slightly startled,Remember what,Turn to the coffee table,Fixed on three one-yuan banknotes,Immediately covering his face in despair。“Youthful body,Can eat can quickly burn calories,But there is no money to enjoy the good food!Too cruel、Too cruel——”

“Can you not be so exaggerated?When will mom leave the money for you to eat rice noodles?”Chen Qian said,Drag the mop to clean,Bian Zi complained:“I、A beautiful girl,It’s sad to waste the holiday on housework!Why always mopping the floor?Is it because I got up early??Why not you——”
“Stop complaining,Don’t forget i’m three years older than you,It means I naturally did three years more housework than you,Every year you do a hundred days more housework than me,It will take ten years。”Chen Wenjin,Took the money and said:“Let alone how much my brother beat you up,No thanks to you!Three yuan is clearly for us to eat rice roll,You can’t go down?”
“I will not eat,Lose weight and save money,Want to go swimming next week,Dad may not be willing to give money then,Don’t worry if you save enough。”Chen Qian is too familiar with Master Chen’s style。
“Eat eat,He won’t give me。”Chen Wenjin thought about how poor he was back then,Chen Qian is more pitiful,Because his father is a bit patriarchal。
“Then you pack,I’m exhausted from doing housework,Don’t want to go down。”Chen Qian trusted Chen Wenjin’s promise,Since the brother said that,If you skip breakfast next week, you will keep your promise。
When Chen Wenjin came back downstairs,,Chen Qian holding hisBPMachine theory:“Your girlfriend’s number,Calling you so many times early in the morning,what’s the situation?”
“It is clear,Your brother is too handsome。”Chen Wenjin Hu pinch to deal with,See Chen Qian eating rice rolls,Call Hui,Leave a message on the paging station,I said why I didn’t reply to her。At the end,Thinking about whether to return Abao’s paging。
Want to know,Just go out and wander around,If Chen Wenjin was the original young heart,Will not contradict,Now he has no interest in that kind of blindness。
‘Forget it,Draw tonight,I have to do it again anyway,Let’s play games and mix time at home.。’Chen Wenjin intends to play,But I remembered that the number of computer games in this era is very limited,He played it all,There is nothing fun now。As for the book,I’ve finished watching it early。
‘……It’s also a higher priority pastime in this era that a group of friends, friends, and friends hanging around.!’Chen Wenjin found that reality was a little helpless。
‘Create a file and knock things for future use!’Chen Wenjin wondered,but,Not for a while,Hand stopped on the keyboard。‘This is a broken keyboard!intelligentABCI forgot the location of the input method!’
Chen Wenjin pushed the keyboard,Stand up and say:“Big baby little baby,How about eating popcorn watching a movie?”
“brother,Who are you talking to?”Chen Qian opened the door confusedly。
“……Read the lines in fantasy。”Chen Wenjin remembered,He is a teenager,Wife and children are not around,So he changed his mind and said:“Chen Qian,Idle is idle,Let’s go to the movies。”
“You have money?”Chen Qian was surprised and happy。
“……forget,I do not have。”Chen Wenjin hides his face,What kind of pain is this!then,He still returned Abao’s paging,Thinking,As long as he has money to watch movies and eat popcorn in his pocket today,I won’t find Abao and the gang to go out and be bored。
“Golden brother!help me!”Call just connected,It’s Abao’s pitiful cry for help。
Chapter VII Changed past

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