Everyone just feels like a flower,A strong wind is blowing,Caught off guard。

Standing at the forefront of the team, Liu Guofeng shouted out,Fist hard,Greeted each other。
I don’t know the speed of Eagle King is too fast,And his goal is clear,Not Liu Guofeng,Not anyone,But the person at the end of the team。
Liu Guofeng just felt his eyes flashed,Fist,As if there was a gust of wind passing by。
For a moment,The Eagle King has rushed over everyone’s heads,Turned into an arc containing heaven and earth,Fell on top of Lu Menglin’s head。
No one thought,This enemy will be so fast,I never thought he would bypass everyone,It happens to be aimed at Lu Menglin hiding at the back。
And the most terrible thing is that Lu Menglin didn’t realize it,There is still a hippie smile on his face,Suddenly dark,The opponent’s ultimate move has reached the sky。
Eagle King’s mutation ability comes from a mutated eagle,Not only flying fast,And best at pounce,Suppress with the eagle fighting the rabbit,Strong and smart,Unavoidable。
Lu Menglin did not dodge,I saw him not looking up,Should not shake,Suddenly there was a big flame from the waist,Soaring。
boom!After the fire, the gunfire came to everyone’s ears。
Good eagle king,Actually able to
While plopping,Smell the danger,He just twisted his body in mid-air,Pressed both palms in the air,The whole person soars into the air like a big bird,Shengsheng avoided this dangerous and dangerous shot。
Followed by,Eagle King turned over a Harrier,Steadily landed on the other side of the side hall,Just a little pale,Exclaimed angrily with his sharp voice:“mean!”
Too despicable!How could there be such a person!No one can tell the enemy,Involuntarily cursing in my heart。
Because they all saw the scene just now,Lu Menglin hid a gun in her body at some point,And it’s the kind of powerful weapon。
And the most speechless is,He didn’t draw a gun at all,Bad at first sight,I opened fire directly through the clothes。
So that shot just now,Like a stroke of god,Only at the cost of breaking a piece of clothing,The bullet flew past the Eagle King’s head almost。

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