Digestive care tips for the elderly

Digestive care tips for the elderly

The digestive capacity of the elderly will decline, and the disease resistance of the digestive tract will also decline. Therefore, the elderly should pay more attention to protecting the digestive tract.

Today, experts are invited to explain how to maintain the digestive tract of middle-aged and old friends.

  (1) To chew slowly: the elderly have many bad teeth, poor chewing ability, combined with digestive and digestive abilities, and should be chewed slowly to reduce the burden of obesity.

  (2) pay attention to food hygiene: usually pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat unclean food, do not drink unclean water.

Before meals, wash your hands afterwards. It is best to use cutlery or use public chopsticks when eating.

  (3) Eat less fried, fried food: Because these foods are difficult to digest, eating more will naturally increase the burden on the digestive tract, and even indigestion.

  (4) Eat less smoked, pickled foods: These foods contain excessive amounts of salt and certain substances that may cause cancer, so it is not advisable to eat or eat.

  (5) Eat less cold and irritating foods: cold and irritating foods have a stimulating effect on the digestive tract mucosa, which may cause diarrhea or digestive tract inflammation, or increase the digestive tract disease.Eat less.

  (6) Drink less alcohol, stop smoking: smoke, alcohol will damage the digestive tract mucosa, instead of digestive capacity, it is extremely unhealthy for health.

  (7) meals should be regular, should be regular quantitative: each meal is regularly quantified, can form a conditioned reflex, help the secretion of digestive glands, is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.

  (8) Eat vegetables and coarse grains often: Vegetables and whole grains that often eat some dietary fiber can increase peristalsis and prevent constipation, help maintain insulin health and reduce the incidence of intestinal cancer.

  (9) Eat low-fat, high-protein foods: If you eat fat, too much protein, prone to indigestion.

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