The union is a home for him,A home that can make him feel at ease and willing to give his life to protect,So what if there are no bones at the moment,He also has to dedicate his strength to him at the end of his life。

The result that no one expected,The final dignity of a Seven-Rank entering the Holy Land。
A huge fire wave swept across the open space,The old man Ma used the barrier to prevent the people behind him from being threatened by the fire wave。
Just looking at these forces going in all directions,In addition to the pain inside,Can’t find any emotions。
I watched my friends who had followed me for many years passed away in front of me,No one will feel good,And in this case。
So this battle will be an unshakable hatred,It’s the result of life and death。
This is from the anger of a Ninth-Rank entering the Holy Realm martial artist,If you don’t ask for an explanation today,I’m not reconciled even if I die。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty One Moving mountains
The flame disappears,Because there are two Ninth-Rank Entering Saint Realm martial artists present,Zhen Ping’s self-destruction did not cause much impact,Most people avoided。
This is very unfair to him,Finally, I tried my last strength but it didn’t make much difference.,Doesn’t seem to have any value。
Of course not so,His contribution is valuable,Great value,At least tell everyone,None of the union members are soft guys succumbing to lewdness。
Elder Tujia appeared in the sight of everyone again,But the other person’s expression is not so good at the moment,Because their butchers have fallen a lot。
Although they are all low-level guards,But they are also part of the Tujia。

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