Such people also appeared one after another,And the highest price is 10,000 yuan,As long as this side is willing to tell the secret,That is ten thousand yuan。

But even so,Widow Liu says she doesn’t know anything,Because she knows very well,I can’t use these to make money,Because the money was exchanged for Qin Feng’s trust。
After those people left,Widow Liu also walked towards Qin Feng with the food she prepared。
on the way,Yangshan stopped in front of her with a smile,Then he has a huge box in his hand。
He pointed to the box in his hand and said:“It’s all one hundred yuan in it,If you are willing to cooperate with me,This money is yours,I want to know what Qin Feng said。”
Widow Liu didn’t even glance at Yangshan,Then walked straight to Qin Feng’s house。
Although Yangshan is very angry,But he really dare not do anything to Widow Liu in the village,If he really wants to die,It can be like this。
When Widow Liu arrived at Qin Feng’s house,Jiang Yan is ready to eat too。
Widow Liu is not discouraged,She gave Jiang Yan the food she made,Then he looked at Jiang Yan with a smile and said:“Young is good,But you have to be restrained,Don’t get Qin Feng’s kidney deficiency。”
Jiang Yan was said to be inexplicable,But then it also reacted,Qin Feng said this deliberately, right?
at this moment,Jiang Yan’s heart is also moved,Then she said with a smile:“Thank you for reminding,I will definitely be like this in the future。”
But Jiang Yan’s heart is thinking,When will I be able to interact with Qin Fenglai for the first time??
This matter doesn’t seem important,But reality is very important。
To know,Many times when this aspect is not harmonious,,Some things are inappropriate。
Qin Feng asked with a smile:“Nothing happened when you went back?”
Although Qin Feng didn’t communicate with others,,But he also guessed,Something happened to Widow Liu。
“Have,Those guys are desperately asking what you said,All kinds of money are here。
The most exaggerated thing is that Yangshan actually intercepted me halfway,Just bring a box of money over and say, as long as I tell you what you tell me,Then the money will be mine。”
When Widow Liu was talking about this,

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