Just before they talk,Ouyang Hong walked in angrily,She shouted at Xia Jian:“All good things you did,Let me see the faces of these guys”

“what happened,Need to tear down?I’ll go to him,I don’t think I can do it today”Xia Jianyi listen,Raging,People get up。
Ouyang Hong whispered:“sit down,The house will not be demolished,But both the Bureau of Land and Resources and the Bureau of Water Resources issued fines,And have to fill in the formalities immediately”Ouyang Hong said,He threw two tickets on the table。
First0169chapter Snowy night
at dusk,Snow is floating in the sky。
Xia Jian sent Ouyang Hong just back,Because of his own opinion,This incident smeared the town,Ouyang Hong was also implicated,In addition, Xia Jian did not reveal the news to Ouyang Hong in advance.,So Ouyang Hong was very angry with Xia Jian,Two people hardly said a word along the way。
In the office of the village committee,Everyone is here,Something like this,Everyone is anxious。
“Dog day,There must be someone behind this matter,How else can they be so clear,Don’t let me know,Otherwise I will interrupt his dog legs”Chen Erniu’s angry face,Heard about today,I still rely on him,If it wasn’t for him to bring the villagers to balance with the Land and Resources Bureau,Ouyang Hong may not get this ticket,Maybe this new factory building has been demolished。
Xia Jian laughed twice and said:“Everyone go back!Zhao Hong and I will find a way,You stay,It won’t do anything,Moreover,It may be snowing”
“let’s go!Go back and put the kang!Or I’ll freeze again at night”Zhao Hong also urged。
Wait for everyone to go,Xia Jian raised his head and asked:“How much money is left in the village account?If these gaps are plugged,How much money is still missing?”
Zhao Hong took the calculator,A hard press,After a while:“Only more than 20,000 yuan left on the account,Pay fines to the Bureau of Land Resources and Water Resources,More than ten thousand,If you want to pay dividends to villagers,If you pay back the loan interest for another six months,,It probably needs more than 300,000,The key is that the factory is built,How to start without funds?”
Xia Jianyi listen,A cold breeze in my heart,As the saying goes,A penny hard to die a hero,This is more than 300,000!Where to go。Today, Ouyang Hong has spoken to death,Because none of these projects were reported,Plus the previous loan has not been repaid,So I want the government to help,Almost impossible。

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