Xiao Xiaoyi listened,Feel relaxed all over。Two days,She really tried her best,I didn’t expect Xia Jianyi to come forward,These things can be solved。

Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian a little gratefully,Dragon Ball is so excited that he doesn’t know what to say。Hu Huiru took a breath,I took out my mobile phone and immediately called their project manager in Bucheon.。Naturally arrange them to start work immediately,And ask them,Drive out all the delays during the suspension of work these days。
Such a toss,When Hu Huiru hung up,,It’s lunch time,She laughed and said:“Too busy these two days,I didn’t entertain Mr. Xiao well.,I happen to be free today,Let’s have a meal together at noon“
Xiao Xiaoyi listened,Thought,Hu Huiru clearly wants to invite Xia Jian to dinner,But I want to say it’s for her,This woman is a bit too powerful。So she laughed and said:“Thank you Mr. Hu,Dragon Ball and I have already booked a three o’clock in the afternoon flight ticket,So it’s too late to eat,Let’s wait for a chance later“
Dragon Ball’s blank face,Why does Xiao Xiao lie like this??It’s rare that people invite them to dinner,She refused,I don’t know what she thinks in her heart。
Hu Huiru,Haha smiled and said:“President Xia!Mr. Xiao and the others catch a plane,Don’t you catch a plane!Don’t you tell me,Pingdu has an airport too“Hu Huiru’s humorous words,Made a few people laugh。
Xia Jian understands what Hu Huiru thinks,So he can’t refuse her。
Xiao Xiao just left,She stood up and shook Hu Huiru’s hand,Hurried away with the dragon ball。Give people a real appearance to catch a plane。
A five-star hotel not far from Dongsheng GroupVIPIn the private room,If there are two people sitting in the big room, Xia Jian and Hu Huiru。It stands to reason that sitting in such a big room is not necessary,But what Hu Huiru wants is this style。
All dishes are ready,Hu Huiru raised the glass,She smiled and said:“President Xia!Although I am two years older than you,But some things are not very thorough,Thank you very much this time“
“No need to,Helping you is helping entrepreneurial groups。Because you also know,I developed the entrepreneurial group by myself,I don’t want it to fall down so quickly“Xia Jian said,Picked up the wine glass and touched Hu Huiru,Drink it all。
Hu Huiru took a bite and said:“You and Xiao Xiao are really a natural match,But you have to know,There is no such perfect thing in this world“
“Humph!You really can say,There are so many people who can be born with me“Xia Jian sneered and said。
Hu Huiru turned Xia Jian and asked:“what about me?“
“You can say the same!But it’s just like what the drama said,Watching the moon in the water,No results“Xia Jian said,And started to pour the two of them。

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