Xu Ru returned to the magic,Continue to operate this hotel with garment factory。

Su Liang is directly with Song Ting’s honeymoon.。
But their honeymoon is only half a month.,Song Ting’s special,So please feel too many times.。
Even if it is half a month,It has also given her a big face.。
Su Chang wants to let Song Ting resigned directly。
But it is indeed rejected by Song Ting.。
Just when everything steady development,Xu Ruzhen made a phone call from Li Hui with the wind.。
“breeze,Do you still remember the few people in the New Year??”
remember,what happened?”
“They seem to find me here.,But let me collect it.,I feel what they need to beat the boss。”
Valen can dry in this line to such an extent,Nature is not a vegetarian。
At first she, I felt that the other party was an antite.,So I don’t want to ignore the roots。
But I can find the magic.,That this matter may not the reason she can let things go on the。
Moreover,As long as her eyes swinging a long time,She will not help but want to crush each other。
What’s more, this ant story still wants to be unfavorable to her.。
Li Hui said this,Directly nodded:“Sister,Do not worry,I will solve it.。”
After saying that Li Hui Hui also hangs up the phone.。
Xu Ruzhen heard that Li Hui hangs hangs so urgent,Lee afraid to use violence to resolve directly with the wind,And quickly made a call again。
“breeze,Do not impulse,I just told you.,Tap,Don’t kill people。”
“Do not worry,I know。”
“and,This time I won’t use my own hands.。”
Li Hui found Jin Xijie,Jin Xijie is also a supermarket that has just taken a five hundred flat supermarkets.。
He is ready to pick his wife and children.。
Let your wife as a supermarket boss。
After all, he is now a businessman.,I can’t always let my baby children in the county town.。
“Golden boss,Let you find people who find it?”
“Um,rest assured,A little problem,However, Li Boss,I am not doing this kind of thing.,Do you also do it?!”
Li Hui said this,Deeply saw Jin Xijie。
Jin Xijie is seen by Li Hui’s feelings.。
“Golden boss,sure,This person will give it to me.,You can rest assured that I will not do those things.。”
“Hey-hey,Li Li boss,I just reminded it.,no other meaning。”
“fine,Take me to see people.。”

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