Sexual health in the room

Sexual health in the room

Lead: “Jade Room Secrets” is called the authority of “room in the surgery”, the book quoted in the book “the ancients and the present are not improper relatives.”

This book expert, moderately sexual life can not only make people enjoy the bed, but also have the benefits of life and longevity.

The book believes that diet can nourish the body, indulgence hurts the longevity, claiming that men and women must follow certain rules for sex, sexual intercourse should be restrained, movement should be soothing, avoid violent and irritable.

In addition, we must also understand the woman’s vaginal structure, and pay attention to all kinds of sex-making actions[skills: one touch: her excitement.

It should be said that this view is very reasonable.

“The Royal Women’s Loss and Benefits” believes that men and women can be long-lived if they are dependent, “If you are alone, you will lose your life and suffer from illness.”

And put forward, “Where to maintain health, it is to love.

“The book also violates the taboos in the room, such as drunkenness, big anger, strong winds and bad rain, earth movements and even thunder and lightning, big cold and heat, when the road is tired, and “the mountains and rivers, the social night wells”Crossing should be prohibited.

In the “Three Yuan Yanshou Counsellor’s Book”, Yuan Peng’s famous doctor Li Pengfei specially set up the “Desire”, and believed that the human body must maintain the Yinpingyang secret, the balance of yin and yang, and the appropriate adjustment in order to be healthy and longevity under normal circumstances.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “I can know that seven losses and eight benefits, then the two can be adjusted, I do not know the use of this, then the festival of premature aging also.

It is worth mentioning that these ancient books fully emphasize the appropriate sex to maintain health, and also mentioned different sex postures, such as “Ten Festivals” in “Healthy Side”, that is, according to the mating of tigers, crickets, crickets, etc.Named, these styles help to overcome the monotonous and rigid life and add funeral fun.

This coincides with the view that modern medical experts believe that sexual intercourse with different postures can correct certain sexual dysfunction diseases, and even merge and complement each other.

In the “Preparing for the Needs”, Sun Sizhen has a book entitled “Recruiting the House”, focusing on the living in the room. He formulates the principles and methods for mastering the relationship between men and women, and warns young people that young people can not be ignored, and they are over 40 years old.Men should pay attention to the control of the living room.

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