Qiu Haibo, a severe medical expert: I went to the front line for life

The trunk of Qiu Haibo in the severe medical expert is always ready in advance.

Because there is too many times, he has received the first time after the instruction and went to the anti-vulcancing front line.

The picture shows Qiu Haibo (left) in Gansu to guide patient treatment.

(The respondent) This time, this support Gansu fights, he as usual, inquiry about the condition of local new crown pneumonia patients, care about the local ICU bed enough to ensure that patients with new coronal pneumonia should receive, let all high-risk patients get Timely treatment. Since last year, he has moved Wuhan, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Yunnan, Fujian, etc. As a first batch of experts to pay a aid of Wuhan, the new crown pneumonia epidemic happened to the present, and the accumulated fuck has long over 430 days. "In this round of epidemics, the proportion of Gansu severe patients once more than 30%, which is very rare in China.

Qiu Haibo said. On October 18, Gansu Lanzhou began to report nucleic acid detection of positive personnel.

On the 20th, as Qiu Haibo, a critical medical expert of the Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, with the State Council’s joint defense mechanism complex Gansu Working Group arrived in Gansu.

The picture shows Qiu Haibo Introduction to Gansu Province’s progress in the treatment of neoguanponic hematoms. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Rui is high due to the proportion of seniors in the middle and old ages in Gansu, many people have serious basic diseases, and Delta is high, and the disease progresses is fast. Many patients have been developed from ordinary development. Not only that, but the silence hypoxiamia in patients with neogignitis is to face danger at any time.

"Some patients can talk to you, it seems that there is no matter what is wrong, I found that the value is very low.

Qiu Haibo said that patients will not strongly feel difficult to breathe in rest, indicating that Del Tower strains are extraordinary, very deceptive. The new crown virus is changing, but the attitude of medical experts will never change. In Qiu Haibo Under the guidance, the Gansu expert group has developed a diagnosis and treatment plan for Gansu confirmed cases on the basis of the new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program (Trial Edition 8th Edition) ", and also adheres to the combination of standardization and individualization treatment, in advance Undex patients use recovery plasma to effectively reduce patients from ordinary type development.

The picture shows Qiu Haibo (right one) to guide Gansu expert group in the fixed-point hospital to carry out treatment. (Gansu expert group for map) "This treatment has achieved positive results, clinical death, zero-icon, no patient needs to perform ECMO assistance." Qiu Haibo said.

As of 16th, Gansu’s severe patients have been cleared, and 60 patients are cured, including two critical patients.

Looking back in the past two years, Qiu Haibo is much more emotion. In his view, my country has formed the treatment of new crown pneumonia syrup patients. The results of clinical treatment have also been confirmed that vaccination has an important role in reducing the critical incidence. "Every treatment, we are all do our best to save lives. It reflects the determination of the country’s firm fight against the epidemic.

"After completing the treatment of severe patients, Qiu Haibo returns to Nanjing from Gansu. But like the suitcase around, he is ready to go to the front line for the next life.

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