“Then what about?Can I find Jordaan at Moscow University??”Qiao Tianyu suddenly became excited,Asked quickly。

“He is now nominally a professor of economics at Moscow University,But you may not find him there。”
“why?”Qiao Tianyu was shocked,Asked quickly。
“Mr. Joe,Don’t know you don’t know,Since the collapse of the Soviet Union,With the support of President Yeltsin,Reformers headed by Gydar and Chubais,Privatization started in Russia。”
“They adopt‘Shock therapy’,Privatization of public property,Just two years,Sold one-third of the Russian state’s property。”
“cut,Can i not know?”Qiao Tianyu thought to himself,“Don’t you financial oligarchs take advantage of this opportunity to make a fortune??”
“The theoretical basis of the reformists is‘Chicago School’,Gydar and Chubais worship‘Chicago School’The founder, Professor Friedman, is a sage,Do things exactly according to Professor Friedman’s dogma。”Palizovsky went on to explain。
“And Jordaan is Professor Friedman’s graduate student,Because of this relationship,Giordaan was quickly admired by the reformers,Be absorbed into the reformists,Become their military division,Advise them,Developed a series of economic measures。”
“So Giordaan is a big hit of the reformists,Known as‘National Treasure Class’scholar,It’s not easy to see him now!”
I’ll wipe it!
This result was completely beyond Qiao Tianyu’s expectations。
To know,90Russia’s privatization reforms were notorious in the early years,Can be described as a disaster in economic history。
A huge world’s number two power,Being misled by a group of young people’s theory,Unrealistic use of radical“Shock therapy”。
Cause almost all national property losses,The Russian economy collapsed across the board,The Russian people have been trapped in years of poverty and suffering。
So the radical reformers headed by Gaidar and Chubais,Hated by history and the Russian people,Become a national sinner!

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