Dongfang’s unbeaten fingers brushed the wound on his face,Said with a smile。

“Are you beautiful?in my opinion,You are just a snake-hearted,Human appearance,Not gifted by parents,When you are old,See if you will have the illusion that you are beautiful。”
Linghu Chong said calmly。
After the undefeated Dongfang heard Linghu Chong’s words,Smile,When I was about to say something,suddenly,As if to feel something,Planning to avoid,But the next second a dark long sword slashed past the unbeaten eyes of the East,Cut off a few strands of Dongfang’s undefeated hair,Then the dark sword dissipated。
The East stands undefeated blankly,Fingers clamped his hair that was chopped off,I can’t believe it,Somewhat solemn,Obviously I did not expect that there are still people in this world who can be so strong,No breath,If it wasn’t for her instinct to tell herself that it was dangerous,She didn’t notice any disturbance at all,then,Unbeaten in the East gave Linghu a deep look,Look around,Turned and left without saying a word。
Linghu Chong watched Dongfang go undefeated,Think of the weird long sword before,Fascinated but silent,Even he himself did not notice the breath of other people around,But the weird sword did cut off the unbeaten hair of the East,This may be a warning from the owner of the sword,The shocking East is unbeaten and has to leave。
Linghu Chong thought in his heart,Then looked at the messy courtyard,I can only resist my curiosity,Go to the hall first。
“A little deterrence is enough,Rivers and lakes,After all, it’s the age of you young people。”
Main hall,Yue Buqun said in his heart,He just cut off a few strands of Dongfang’s unbeaten hair,Did not intend to kill the East Unbeaten,He doesn’t want to mix up these trivial matters now,The strength of the East’s undefeated and Linghu Chong seems to be different,Is a good whetstone,Can grind Linghu Chong’s sword well,Born in peace,The truth about dying of distress,Yue Buqun still knows,He doesn’t want Linghu Chong to feel like he is invincible,I only know that I am dedicated to traveling,Put Huashan Pie aside。
A moment later,Inside the hall,All the disciples of Huashan School and Linghu Chong have arrived,then,Yue Buqun glanced over a dozen disciples of Huashan School,I personally invited the Patriarch’s tablet,Burning incense to worship the heads of the Huashan School,Under the witness of all the disciples of Huashan School,Officially passed the position of head to Linghu Chong。
“The heads of the Huashan School of the past,today,Ling Hu Chong,Officially took over as the head of the Huashan School,from now on,We must take the revitalization of Huashan School as our mission,If violated,Ten thousand arrows pierced the heart and died。”
Ling Hu Chong stood in the hall,Respectfully salute the Patriarch’s tablet,Solemnly say,Although there is still some blood on the clothes,but,Does not affect his serious promise。

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