Xiaoqingzhuo really has other abilities,Its vertical pupil flashed,I saw some giants above my head like tentacles,Swiftly entangled those human-faced rats,And hang them upside down!

At this time, the Iron Claw Tiger Dragon Thunder shot,All these human-faced rats that are bound will be broken,Let them taste the pain……
First76chapter Become a devil
The shrill cry sounded at the fault mountain wall,The broken wall full of night vines,A pair of green eyes popped out……
The eyes are moving among the leaves,Not see its body,Only those green eyes glowing with poison are really terrifying,It’s as if my heart has been taken out,Breathing starts fast!
“Zhu Minglang,It’s the night-crossing weasel,This guy is afraid that he has cultivated for more than 900 years,It’s going to be a demon now!”Kim Minjun’s voice came from one place,Just listen to it but not see others。
900 years of cultivation,A monster that is about to become a demon!!
There is a fundamental difference between monsters and demons,Some Hualongzi are food for the devil。
“This beast,It depends on us to become a demon!”Kim Minjun’s voice,With a bit of choking,Like anger and tears。
Zhu Minglang stared at those vicious eyes that can move,Sinking。
at this time,That night vine waffle finally appeared,It crawled out of the dense night vines,Blood dripping on the pointed claws bent forward in both directions。
I wish Ming Lang look around,I found a heart hung on its sharp claws……
Raise the paw slowly,The night vine weasel laughed like a woman,This laughter is a bit strange and terrifying,If you hear it at night, it will remind you of a female evil spirit!

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