Tianlin County, Baise City, Guangxi: Awards funds to help farmers’ income

"This 5 acres of newly-transformed oil tea is this year, I applied for the ‘to reward the" project, please help me verify it. "Recently, in Guangxi Baise Tianlin County, Guangxi Huangfu Village, Huang Yiwei’s oil tea forest The number of people who have the "prizes to compete" in the township industry are being acceptable. After the verification of the standard, Huang Kexian said, "Reconstruction of low-yield forests, can receive 3,000 yuan awards, oil tea is coming, the home can be entered!" This year is the key to the effective connection of the country’s revitalization. In the year, "the prize-based" policy became an important starting point in the development of the development of Tianlin County.

The county has a prize fund as a leverage, promoting "Bao Shu" and "Cooperatives according to the Share Red", encourages new agricultural operating subjects and depletion of poverty to establish a close interest joint mechanism to support the development of the poverty poverty, and promote the poverty reduction. Quality oil tea, passion fruit, mango and other dominant industries upgrade. The stone desertification of Lang Langcun, the indifference of the industrial basis, the Yao Yuan group just got rose, relying on a few acres of corn, walnuts, and homogeneous homes, and the income is unstable.

"With a prize fund, there is a technical assistance. This year I introduced a higher anti-cold pig breeding, and the confidence of getting rich is more enough. Next, let’s take the sleeve and do it, and the days are still behind!" Yao Yuan Tuan said. "Specialty industry ‘to reward", help the enthusiasm of the majority of farmers, to help rural industries. "Tanlin County implemented Roshi, the head of the resulinage strategic headquarters, introduced, as of now, the county has issued a prize More than 29 million yuan, benefiting more than 10,000 poverty, will continue to improve the policy, promote the efficiency of industries, farmers’ income.

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