The first observation | Phase "Tong" phase "Tong", Xi Jinping like this "Development Road"

  "Interaction with the world" "Let us join hands to walk together, the people of the interconnection, mutual benefit, winning," Beijing time October 14th, Xi Jinping President Xi Jinping attended the second United Nations Global Sustainable Traffic Conference And publish a chair. The conference is based on "sustainable transportation, sustainable development", focusing on sustainable transportation and poverty reduction, people’s livelihood, international interconnection cooperation, green development, regional development, etc., which helps to consequently consensus. Further promote sustainable transportation of global, regional and countries. As the economic context and civilized links, "traffic" undoubtedly given a broader and profound significance in the context of the current century-old paragraph and century epidemic. "We must adapt to the world’s development and promote global transportation cooperation, write infrastructure Unicom, trade investment, and communicate with communication.

"Xi Jinping Chairman said.

  "Traffic" not only represents the infrastructure Unicom, but also represents the smooth communication between trade investment, civilized blending.

The "Tong" phase "Tong" is the "Sustainable Development Road" that promotes the construction of an open-end world economy. President Xi Jinping scored a historical vision and building a high degree of global development of the Destiny Community, profoundly explaining the important era of transportation, and cited the direction of global transportation and development, and put forward the "five persistence" of promoting global traffic cooperation: – insistence on open linkage Advance the interconnection. – Adhere to the common development and promote fair. – Adhere to innovation drivers and enhance development kinetic energy.

  - Adhere to the ecological priority to achieve green low carbon.

  - insist on multilateralism and improve global governance. "Five persistence" contains the valuable experience of China’s transportation development. It has echoed the strong desire of the people of the people of all countries, and the same breathing, a total of life, and the "hand" " Beautiful initiative.

  Looking back in human development, transportation has always been an important area affecting global sustainable development. From the camel bells of the ancient Silk Road, to the salad of the sailing era, then to the four-way eight-way up to the modern transportation network, the rapid development of the traffic makes the world "small", let people’s dreams step by step "big", the world is Tightly connected "Earth Village". The rapid development of the transportation industry also confirms China’s "Rise Road".

"If you want to be rich, first repair the road" "Fengshan opened the road, the water frame bridge" concept is deeply rooted. Traffic has become a pioneer of China’s modern opening, and the open link.

  In particular, since the 18th National Congress of the Party, under the guidance of China’s characteristic socialist thinking, China’s traffic development has achieved historical achievements, historical changes, and entered a new stage of high quality development.

  Today, China’s comprehensive transportation network exceeds 6 million kilometers, with the world’s largest high-speed railway network, highway network, world-class port group, aviation nautical Tongda.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to major traffic engineering construction. A bridge is connected to the three places, and there is a tailor. At the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, General Secretary Xi Jinping took the bridge to the bridge. At the time of being shipped in Beijing Daxing International Airport, General Secretary Xi Jinping went deep into the construction of the airport integrated transportation system, inspected the process of intelligent technology, full self-service paperless smart value; in the world’s first intelligent high-speed rail "Beijing high-speed rail At the opening of the operation, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important indication that "the Beijing-Zhang Zhang line witnessed the development of China Railway, and also witnessed the flying of China’s comprehensive national strength."

  … Currently, the world’s economic recovery is difficult to go, the international order has evolved, and the world enters the new turmoil.

When the world is standing in the new crossroads, "China Traffic" can contribute to the world’s future development? "China Wisdom"? – China adheres to the traffic world, has become the highest in the world’s largest sector, and the largest trade volume is the largest economy. – New crown pneumonia epidemic, China-European class, Yuanyang fleet wooked and fully guaranteed the stability of the global industry chain supply chain, reflecting China’s service. – China will continue to promote high quality and build a "one way", strengthen the interconnection of infrastructure and accelerate the construction of green silk roads and digital silk roads. With "open" as a guide, based on "development", based on "innovation" as the coordinate, "cooperation" as the coordinates, in the premise of "cooperation" – Chairman Xi Jinping seems to open the linkage, need to join hands to explore one "new road".

  "China will continue to horize the true multilateralism, insist on intersecting the world, communicating with the times, while achieving its own development, gaining greater contribution to global development." President Xi Jinping said.

  Global resource, to meet global challenges, promote global development, President Xi Jinping put forward an important measure – establish China International Sustainable Transport Innovation and Knowledge Center, contributing to global transportation.

  "I would like to reiterate that China ‘s construction of higher levels of open economic new institutions will not change, and the determination of facilitation of trade and liberalization of trade and investment will not change.

"Xi Jinping Chairman’s words were sound.

  China’s open door will only get more and more, never close.

Future, "Pass" phase "pass", will provide greater strength to promote the construction of human fate communies. Producer: Zhao Chengming: Zhang Xudong main pen: Fan Wei, Ye Yuming, Zhouyuan Co-ordination: Zhu Dongju, Wang Wei, Qi Zhongxi Vision | Editor: Yang Wenrong, Bao Yinhan Xinhua News Agency production Xinhua News Agency first studio produced.

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