Changchun City continues to promote social insurance service transformation and upgrading

In recent years, Changchun City Social Insurance Bureau has continuously innovated service methods, enhances service level and service quality, and continues to advance Changchun City Social Insurance Service Transformation and upgrading, send efficient, convenient, warm social security services to enterprises and people.

At the first floor of the Changchun City Social Insurance Bureau, Changchun Citizen Liu Yanhua came to handle social security business. Through a self-service one machine, she quickly queried her own insight information and completes printing.

Liu Yanhua said that she worked in the state-owned enterprise unit before, and later did not go to work, insurance was intermittent.

When she went to pay the social security, the staff of the Social Security Bureau received her very enthusiastically, helping her to hand over the relevant information, she finished the handling on the phone.

This year, the Changchun City Social Insurance Bureau actively promotes the sedimentation of social security services, and implements a resident office and community office. At present, the Social Security Branch has entered across across the jurisdiction, the city has established a local location, and fully implements a comprehensive window acceptance mode, realizing the employee employee’s pension insurance, unemployment insurance 93 full chain business "window acceptance, all city Do ", social security service is multiplied, and the masses have more choices.

The deputy director of the Comprehensive Program Management Office of Changchun City Social Insurance Bureau introduced that Changchun City Social Insurance Bureau also chose 300 communities as a pilot community for personal application business, and can realize new insured, personal payment, personal retirement declaration, individual Relationship transfer and other conventional high-frequency social insurance business, in the community, you can implement the same city.

In addition to receiving the "last kilometer" of the social security service, the Changchun City Social Insurance Bureau also developed the convenience of "digital social security". Wang Shi Tong, the social insurance administrator of Zhongqing Construction Responsibility Co., Ltd., introduced the social insurance public service platform and "Changchun Social Insurance" WeChat applet, she saved the approach to and from the Social Security Bureau, and she did not need to prepare some paper materials, basically It is very convenient to "one button" on the Internet.

Battle Working navigation system, through large data analysis, providing the service object to the service object location, and provides a navigation service.

The Changchun City Social Insurance Bureau will continue to explore the new model of innovation, and focus on promoting high quality development of the city’s social insurance industry, earnestly enhance the happiness of the people, feels sense, and safe.

Editor in charge: Kang Shiqi.

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