Autonomous Region Political and Legal Team Education Construction Leading Group held the sixth meeting

  On November 18th, the Autonomous Region Political and Legal Team Education Cutting Leading Group held the sixth meeting to consider the central supervision to supervise the second batch of political and legal team education in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to rectify the implementation plan, arrange the deployment of rectification and "look back" and other work.

The party committee secretary of the autonomous region, the School of Political and Legal Team Education, and the leader of the leadership group of Shi Taifeng hosted the meeting and speaking. Leading Lin Xiaochun, Liu Shuang, Yang Weidong, Heng Xiaofan, Yang Zongren, Li Qilin attended the meeting.

  The meeting pointed out that doing a good job in the implementation of the central supervision and feedback and rectification, and strengthening the construction of the new era of political and legal teams in the construction of the new era of political and legal system.

We must earnestly unify thoughts and actions to party central decision-making deployment. The spirit of the nail nails, do not have a good job of rectification.

It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership and pressure transmission, and strictly promote the implementation of rectification, and resolutely maintain the authority and seriousness of the central supervision. The Autonomous Region Party Committee and Political Legal Committee must earnestly assume direct responsibilities, doing stand-alone reform, real reform, strict reform, mainly responsible comrades should directly grasp, grasp specific, caught the bottom, resolutely prevent formism, bureaucracy Personality, driving all rectification tasks, feedback issues full of zero.

Education and rectification should strengthen the whole process supervision and all-round supervision to ensure that rectification work is solid, effective and implemented, and will not go through the field.

The members of each member should take the initiative to perform, the same strength, especially the Commission for Discipline Inspection, should be tightly caught in the hand, accelerate the promotion of key cases, and find out in the bottom. The meeting emphasized that focusing on the project and key tasks, innovation tactical play, strengthen the supervision of the list, pay attention to the organic bond, high-efficiency high quality promotion rectification implementation.

We must deepen the propulsion of political education, warning education, and English mode education, and constantly build the ideological roots of the political loyalty of political and legal police political political political political political political and law.

It is necessary to press the responsibility of the case, strengthen the conformity of the law, strengthen the classification and handling, and further improve the quality of the clues verification, and formulate deterrence as soon as possible. To increase track dispatching, case guidance, notification, and in-depth promotion of the special actions involved in the review of petitions involved.

To continue to deepen the "Top Ten Special Actions", investigate the various stubborn diseases, then the bottom, further reduce the amount, control increment, anti-variety, ensure that rectification is in place, and the rectification is thorough.

It is necessary to make a list of tasks in accordance with the chapter of the chapter, increase the work strength and coordinating strength, solve systemic, cyanic, synergistic issues, strengthening the implementation mechanism construction, and better transform the system power into governance efficiency. The meeting emphasized that the system thinking and strengthening the coordination, and solidly promotes the work. We must focus on education to rectify the key content, comb.

In accordance with the requirements of the assessment acceptance program, strict acceptance standards, strictly accept the inspection department, fully and objective, and true and accurate and accurate evaluation of the education rectification. To deeply explore the good experience in the work, earnestly do a good job in education and rectification, continue to consolidate the expansion of education rectification results. It is necessary to do the best in the end of the year, the end of the year, the security, stability, and promote the development of various work, and effectively transform the education and rectification into the ability and responsibility of doing a good job, promoting the high quality development of the new era of political and legal work. The Autonomous Region Political and Legal Team Education Corruption Leading Group members and relevant departments are responsible for comrades. (Reporter Liu Xiaodong) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Bai Jianping) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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