“Old Town Lord,If you say these useless words,I’ll pluck your beard。”

The Old City Lord was really caught by Xia Chenglong’s words,It took a while to react,“Ok……Hahahaha,My old bone,Even being joked,Too hard to show。”
“Hey,If I come out of Sword City,Mr. Xia is half as good,I’m afraid I won’t let that tool city be bullied。”Zhu Wushuang also sighed helplessly。
To this,Xia Chenglong can do nothing,After all, this is my own business。
Chapter nine hundred and nineteen Recast the sword
Everyone finished talking,The next thing is to fulfill the long-cherished wish of the old city owner,Really cast the Xiaotianjian into an unparalleled weapon。
The process of sword casting is mainly divided into these steps。
Smelt,Re-exercise the sword spirit,He Jian,It seems three short steps,There are so many small things,As long as there is a link error,The consequences are disastrous。
But okay,They have no idea how many times this process has been carried out,So there won’t be much problem。
Except for the Old Town Lord,Grand Elder Zhu Wushuang and his outside,There are also two elders who have initially entered the questioning realm.。
Five people sit in five places,Exactly corresponds to gold,wood,water,fire,Five directions,Hold your breath now,Adjust your breath to the best。
next moment,The Old City Lord opened his eyes first,Wave of arm,The chains tremble above the magma,And the swords on the node also respond。

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