“You Chinese are all bragging,Cannot be used in actual combat at all。I only trained him for half a year,Can beat you up,Vulnerable。Do you want to continue fighting?”TonyFeng said coldly。

When he said this,The audience quickly quieted down,Everyone is listening,Many people clenched their fists unconvinced。
“I have merged Muay Thai and modern fighting techniques,My fists are trained using the most scientific method,Muay Thai no longer needs to hurt yourself to gain combat power,So you can’t beat me。”TonyFeng continued。
Everyone heard it,The reason why he said one after another,The purpose is to continuously beat Master Yip’s confidence。
Master Ye Tian didn’t do it,By this short time,Regain strength quickly,Adjustment of status,So he did not refute。
“I came to Hong Kong Island this time,Just to expose your Chinese Kung Fu lies,Hit the gate of your martial arts gym。You have a Chinese idiom,Called Huaquan embroidery legs。Nowadays!I will interrupt your fist embroidering legs,Because only Muay Thai is the strongest!”
Master Ye Tian took a deep breath,Facing this powerful enemy,Calmly:“you are wrong!”
“Budo is not only about winning,Even if you beat me today,Not on behalf of
You have defeated Chinese martial arts。There are many masters of national martial arts better than me,Some people are in a state that you can never see。”
“Humph!It’s this lie again!Where is the national martial arts master you said?You Chinese,No one can fight!”TonyFeng proudly said。
“come on!Let me fight till you beg for mercy!”TonyFeng hooked his finger at Master Ye Tian,Said with contempt。
now,The audience is boiling again,Almost all Chinese are aggrieved by the arrogance of this Thai guy。
“Master Ye,kill him!”

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