In the Inn,Unconsciously, the food on a table has bottomed out,Xiangyang, who drank for the first time, lived up to expectations and got drunk.。

As for Momo,No matter how good the pharmacology is,It’s also a white wine that can’t match the high number of China。
Blushing cheeks,No matter how Mo Mo looked, he was a bit tempting to commit crimes,It’s a pity in the inn,Xiang Chen and Yao Yao are brothers for many years,Yan Xiaoyi just experienced a failed marriage,The three men didn’t feel anything towards her。
Struggling,Mo Mo fell drunk on the dining table。
As for Yan Xiaoyi,At the end of the second round,Already rolling around holding an empty wine bottle,Not as good as Xiangyang。
Xiang Chen and Yao Yao are still fighting wine,Even if there are occasional heated arguments,I couldn’t disturb the slight snoring around me。
“Hey!The little guy outside the door has been staring at you for a long time,It’s cold outside!”
Yao Yao holding a wine glass,Every time it is poured, it is like a knife slashing through the throat,It’s just that the air wave that came out of the stomach is really unstoppable,Yao Yao just delivered one cup after another to her mouth。
Just when Yuan Qing looked at Xiang Chen,Yao Yao in the inn has already spotted her。
Unprofessional position,Extremely amateur hidden,I knew it was a layman in the killer world。The only thing that is desirable is that the observation point Yuan Qing chooses can get away quickly,But after freezing for so long in the snowy night,The only point is to reduce points……
Chapter Two Hundred and Four assassin2
The cold weather outside the inn,Xiang Chen and Yao Yao are two people who are not fat,Belly is massive,It’s been a few hours since I ate at night,But I haven’t seen any stance to stop。

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