Yangliu discovered afterwards,The hall was slightly crowded just now,There is no one at this time,Huge space,Only the dull sound of Mr. Wang’s leather shoes stepping on the natural marble floor。

Yangliu received the work card and the access card,Mr. Wang declined to be accompanied,Go to the general manager’s office alone。
Complete a series of procedures,She got into the elevator,The moment the door closes,Only recovered from the shock,she was,Really walked the back door。
What’s revealed in Mr. Wang’s words,Mr. Yun personally arranged this job for myself,Mr. Yun?Isn’t that the man’s mother??
Did she match herself?No way?
Yangliu’s heart is upset,She’s not a little girl who doesn’t know the world,The opposite of,Due to too much experience,She has an early maturity that does not match her age。
Yun always arranges work for himself,Still such a sensitive position,It can only mean that the Huo family investigated himself,The result should be within their satisfaction。
Otherwise can’t explain this good thing that fell from the sky。
Wish to have one heart,The White Head Is Inseparable,Is the emotional state she yearns for;Have a high-paying job,You don’t have to worry about money anymore,Is the ideal life she pursues,Half achieved so soon?
I don’t believe it。
Willow watching the numbers beat,Keep thinking in mind,General Manager of Large Group,There are countless jobs every day,The secretary should be shrewd and capable,She is narcissistic again,I also understand that such an important job is not something she can do as a rookie。
Aunt Yun believes in her abilities,Still treat her as a wife,Just need to get in touch with her son?
What she wants is work,Not a vase as a decoration!
Knocked head,Take a long breath,Inexplicably she became an airborne troop,The background is still so hard,Can’t imagine!
She entered society too early,I’m used to seeing the world,I know that what everyone hates most is the airborne troops,Even if you have real talents,Will be excluded。
The two sides of things are perfectly reflected in her,Haven’t started work yet,Yangliu can imagine that he will face isolation,Crying without tears;Change your mind,I am a paratrooper,There should be no shoes,It’s also gratifying!
Willow pulls back to the floating thoughts,Analyze carefully,Her position is assistant secretary,Explain that she has at least one secretary,She only needs to order the boss,Even if Huo Yunhe wants to grab her braids,Shouldn’t rush for a while。
During this period,She must be up to 120,000 spirits,Do your job well,Try not to touch him,I believe he will not spread such embarrassing things everywhere。
She figured it out,Look all the way,Can’t help but admire secretly,Really worthy of being a listed company,Small grids,Is a small world,The clerk in a white shirt stares at the electric screen,Keep tapping the keyboard with your fingers,The look on his face is extremely solemn。
No wonder everyone wants to work in a big company,Nothing else,This atmosphere is enough to motivate people to move forward,Yangliu has a feeling of passion,The thoughts that I had passed before I came have completely disappeared。

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