Max staggered,Fell to the ground!

“I heard that ancient Chinese medicine……Can rescue people who have just died!Don’t know if this is true?If it is true……perhaps,You can try an ancient doctor!
perhaps,Miss Jiang is not dead yet!”
Max stood up again,Muttered。
“Ancient medicine?”
Jiang Yiyun frowned slightly。
seem,There is only this way now!
Dead horse as a living horse doctor!
“I know there is an ancient doctor……Young,But the medical skills are very good!”
At this moment,Hu Yongchang came over,Sure way。
“who is it?”
Jiang Yiyun looked at Hu Yongchang excitedly。
This is her daughter,Only hope!
“I came here last time……perhaps,Not reluctant to come over now……”
Hu Yongchang originally wanted Li Yan to find Fang Yu。
But this situation。
Will Fang Yu come over??
Last time,Fang Yu feels bad。
“Where is he?I will follow you to find him……As long as I can save my daughter,Nothing else matters!”

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