Elderly health care method in autumn

Elderly health care method in autumn

Autumn is the season when people feel most comfortable.

However, Chinese medicine believes that the yang in the autumn gradually converges from rising and falling, the physiological function tends to be calm, the yang gradually declines, and the climate gradually turns cold, which is the seasonality of the elderly.

Therefore, in order to adapt to the characteristics of autumn climate change, disease prevention and extension, the elderly should pay attention to autumn health.

  First, the diet of the elderly to raise lungs and the elderly due to the weakening of the five internal organs, the stomach is weak, if the diet is cold and unpredictable, survival is impermanent, it is bound to hurt the stomach and disease.

Therefore, the elderly in the fall should eat less meals, eat more soft appetizers and digestibles.

  Second, the pleasure of psychology, the cultivation of sentimental autumn wind bleak, the desolate landscape of nature is likely to lead to the negative emotions of pessimistic sadness of the elderly.

Therefore, the elderly should pay special attention to mental health care, and can appropriately choose cultural and recreational activities such as painting and painting, planting flowers and grass, playing with animals and watching birds, to enjoy the body and mind, to cultivate sentiment, and to spend the rest of their lives.

  Third, improve the cold temperature and cold resistance ability of the autumn temperature difference change, wind and cold evil is very easy to hurt people, coupled with the elderly’s resistance and adaptability decreased, more susceptible to colds, pneumonia, pulmonary heart disease, and even heart failure and life-threatening.

Therefore, attention should be paid to cold and warm, and conditions can be used to wash your face with cold water, wipe your nose, or even cold water bath to improve your cold and cold resistance.

  Fourth, be wary of the special climatic characteristics of autumn susceptible to autumn, it is easy to occur “autumn dry cough”, cold, chronic bronchitis episodes, stomach disease, rheumatism, hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, the elderly should focus on prevention of their own physical quality, actively control the primary disease, and be alert to the onset of autumn.

  Fifth, strengthen exercise, enhance the climate of autumn and cool down, is a good time for cascading sports, the elderly can choose appropriate exercise programs, such as walking, jogging, doing exercises, training, according to personal hobbies and interests.Boxing, playing, outings, etc.

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