Who is the priest Lei Ji?,He can tell a general idea at a glance,That girl just now,This guy in front of me,With murderous aura,I don’t know how many lives were on my hands,If this kind of person can be a priest,That’s the real hell!

Huang Shaotian Bingxue Smart,Seeing the old priest’s expression,I know they are not happy,But it’s hard to tell。
“Tu Shan thief,You can’t eat meat as a priest,Can you?”Huang Shaotian said with a smile。
“What?vegetarian?Come or not!Don’t let me eat meat,There is a ball meaning to be alive!”Tu Shanming heard this,Suddenly frightened,Shook his head repeatedly。
Seeing that he doesn’t plan to be a priest anymore,A group of priests including old priests,Relieved one after another。
“Let’s do this first!Thor,Three days later,I will pick her up,Farewell!”Lu Menglin clasped his fist。
Priest Lei Ji nodded,Smiled:“it is good,I send you out。”
Chapter one thousand and ninety four The power of a sword
Outside the gate of Guangming Dragon Temple,A group of people have been waiting for a long time。
The one headed by is His Royal Highness King Ning,By his side,It’s Sima Yinlong, the military commander of the Ning Palace,This person is eight feet tall,Qiyuxuanang,Hand-cranked feather fan,Wearing a pure white cloak,Quite a bit of dusty rhyme。
Standing side by side with Sima Yinlong is an elderly man,He wears grey hair in a bun,A sackcloth,Long sword,Haughty,There is a bit of fairy style,There is no shortage of decisiveness。
This old man looks like a proud man,Even King Ning doesn’t pay much attention to it,Ignore,Just talk to Sima Yinlong,It is probably because this Mr. Sima is quite pleasing to the eye。
And the content of their chat,But it’s surprising。
“In my humble opinion,That Wu Hao will come out later,It’s best to kill him on the spot,Lest nights long and dreams。”Sima Yinlong said with a graceful smile。
The old man in Mai snorted coldly,In an emotionless tone:“Do not!No long dreams,nonexistent!That person killed my disciple,How could he let him die so happy?I want to take him back to the mountain gate,Day and night,Let him enjoy the pain of soul refining for seven to seven forty-nine days,To dispel my hatred!”
Sima Yinlong shook his head and smiled bitterly:“Elder Liu,You don’t know。Wu Hao is cunning,And also hooked up with the princess of Fashen City,If you don’t meet, you will kill on the spot,The princess may have side effects,It’s time to delay your revenge elder,But not beautiful!”
original,This old man in sackcloth turned out to be the master of Liuyun Evil God,He is the elder of the overseas sect Liuyun Sect,This time I received a subpoena from Prince Ning’s Mansion,Came here to avenge his apprentice。
“Princess of God City?She’s just a sucky little girl,What’s so scary?Forgive her for not daring to care about Liuyunzong!Don’t worry about Ning Palace,I can’t kill the little princess by mistake!”Elder Liu sneered。

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