Yao Chunni, who has lost herself, feels she is sitting on the top of the wave,Suddenly high,Suddenly low for a while。Anyway, she felt that her soul was out of the body,Wave after wave.Le let her reach a crazy state。

I don’t know how much time has passed,Yao Chunni, who was limp on the edge of the kang, found herself lying beside Wang Youcai。She suddenly sat up,I found my big trousers and quickly put them on。
Yao Chunni, who understood what happened just now, suddenly started crying softly,She whispered:“You beast,Ruined my innocence,I’m going to sue you”
“Your mother is so innocent,Married woman in her thirties,Don’t feel shy to say this”Wang Youcai cursed wildly,Sat up。He put on his clothes,Reached out and grabbed Yao Chunni’s chest。Yao Chunni wants to dodge,But didn’t escape。
Yao Chunni also pinched the back of Wang Youcai’s hand, crying and cursing:“You are a white-eyed wolf,I changed my face in a blink of an eye。Stay away from me in the future,If you do anything to me,I will yell”
“Damn!You can do it!I’m not teasing you。Why do you want to be a widow when you are young?Isn’t it nice to follow me??do not worry,Next,Your family’s business is my business,I’ll be good to you forever”Wang Youcai twisted his buttocks and sat beside Yao Chunni。
Yao Chunni wants to move her body away a bit,But as soon as Wang Youcai reached out, he took her into his arms。Yao Chunni struggled twice before giving up resistance。As the saying goes, the dough rubbed by the down woman,Yao Chunni, who was conquered, said that,But she completely gave up that perseverance in her heart,She feels that she has become Wang Youcai’s woman。
“Look!Here are a few bottles of skin care products,Your skin is so good,Wipe a little when you go out every day,Protective”Wang Youcai said,Brought the plastic bag on the edge of the kang,Put it in Yao Chunni’s hands。
Women like men treat her like this,Yao Chunni has been married for so long。But which husband of hers,Let alone buying these things,I never told her even a few words to coax a woman。
Although in the name of husband and wife,But they don’t have the truth of husband and wife。Yao Chunni feels disheartened in such days。
I didn’t expect Wang Youcai to appear,Let Yao Chunni feel the beauty between men and women。Especially which underwear Wang Youcai bought for her,When she put it on that night,Her heart almost jumped out 。Now Wang Youcai brought her skin care products,Can you say she can be upset?
“This is a lot of money, right!”Yao Chunni took out the glass bottle in the plastic bag,I can’t put it down and looked again,She asked with a smile on her face。
Wang Youcai kissed Yao Chunni’s face and said:“Not expensive,Just over 300 yuan。You can use it without worry,If used well,Let alone three hundred yuan,I’ll buy it for you even for three thousand yuan”
What Wang Youcai said,Yao Chunni is a little bird nestled in Wang Youcai’s arms,She whispered:“You treat me so well,I am grateful。But I am already married,If we want to live together like this,I’m afraid my mother-in-law alone will be sad”
“You man can’t,I can。 I can bring your family to a happy life,Do you think your mother-in-law is not so stupid?!If she wants to stop,You just pretend to be divorced,I don’t want to scare her to death”Wang Youcai said,I put my hand in Yao Chunni’s clothes again。

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