but,This time to participate in this appraising meeting,He is the younger generation of Master Qiansheng’s friend。

Thousand Saints Sovereign,He is a powerful eternal emperor,Rumors are rare《Holy Book of Thousand Body》The practitioner,He is also one of the emperors behind Chisang Temple。
He and Li Ming’s cheap master‘Ancestor of Tianqiong’Is a real best friend。
The ancestor of Tianqiong travels to the endless darkness,Sovereign Thousand Saints did not go。
But the friendship between the two,But it’s enough for life and death。
When Li Ming went to Chisang City,It’s because of his talent that attracted the attention of the thousand saints,After knowing that Li Ming is a disciple of the ancestor of Tianqiong,Sovereign Qiansheng treats him like a nephew,Even more partial。
The appearance of the thousand saints,He looks like a fat old man with white hair and beard。
He and the ancestor of Tianqiong are best friends,Also quite similar in character,Don’t like fighting。
The ancestor of Tianqiong was gentle but solemn,Immerse yourself in the alchemy array,The established Tianqiong Sect is not aggressive,Very peaceful spiritual sect。
And Sovereign Thousand Saints is an old urchin,Game dust,Instead, he paid little attention to his own sect,But for the younger disciples who valued him, he was quite spoiled。
But the ancestor of Tianqiong was neither happy nor good at fighting,But Qian Sheng is just not happy。《Holy Book of Thousand Body》Terrible power,Let his strength very close to the master of the holy city。
He has at least three records of fighting against the Lord of the Holy City without losing the wind!
In the quiet room at the highest level of the Appreciation Society,Except for the master of the quiet room,He also took two junior entourages。
One is naturally Li Ming。
And one,A girl with a cold face,It’s Erbu Daojun,Master of the second path who masters the strongest way。

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