“This school building was originally repaired by your venture group,It should be a lot better than before,But with the increasing number of students,It’s starting to look a little unavailable。This time I heard that you are going to rebuild our school in Shuijing Village,This makes the people of Shuijing Village happy”Principal Wang said with a big smile。

Xia Jian stood up,Looked outside through the window,Can’t help but shook his head and said:“Look at this house,How good are there cracks,Once it rains,Are very dangerous。How about this!Summer vacation is coming soon,We will use this holiday to start construction,As for the student arrangement,This is up to you”
“Good good!As long as Xia always builds a new school building for us,As for other issues,We can overcome it by ourselves”President Wang repeatedly agreed。
Out of school,Xia Jian walked to Da Ben,Took out a small box from the car,Then he said to Xi Zhen in the car:“It’s eleven o’clock,Go to the Municipal Education Bureau,Urge the approval for the reconstruction of the school in Shuijing Village。It’s almost lunch time,You don’t have to rush back,Wait for my call!”
“Ok!I’m leaving”Xi Zhen finished,Started the car。Xia Jian took out his phone and took a look,Found that the signal is full,It seems that the role of this signal relay tower is really big。
In Shuijing Village at this time,Unusually quiet。Maybe everyone came back,Are busy cooking。Xia Jian was passing through the village,Did not meet anyone。
Shuijing Village is a long strip of village,Walk from the village head to the village end,It takes more than ten minutes to talk less。Xia Jian let go,When he walks to the gate of Chen Xiaolan’s house,There are sweat beads on the forehead,It seems that the weather is really not normal。
The door is hidden,Xia Jian gently pushed away,Then walked in。There is a big lock on the upper door,The kitchen door is closed,Is there no one at home?Chen Xiaolan hasn’t come back yet?
Just when Xia Jianzheng was puzzled,The sound of pouring water came from the West Room。Because of the curtain hanging at the door,So Xia Jian couldn’t see the scene inside for a while,But he has determined,Chen Xiaolan must be at home。
He wanted to call her,But then think about it,He wants to see this woman not cooking at noon,What are you doing hiding in the house?People are curious,Xia Jian is no exception。
Tiptoed to the door of the room,Xia Jian gently raised the curtain。Only then did he discover,It turns out that their door is closed。Xia Jian couldn’t help being a little disappointed,But he soon discovered,The door of this rural house is poorly made,Not very closed,There seems to be a gap。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being overjoyed,So I put my eyes on,Just want to take a good look。Unexpectedly at this moment,The door was pulled open with a bang,Xia Jian couldn’t stand still,The whole person threw in。
The scene in the room made him dumbfounded,I saw Chen Xiaolan only wore a pair of red panties,Right hand is holding the door handle,Hold a towel in your left hand to protect your chest。There is a basin of water on the ground,So she was scrubbing her body。
Chen Xiaolan closed the door,Chuckle:“sneaking,I saw it as soon as I entered the gate,Still want to take a peek!”
“Ha ha!No cooking at noon,I want to see what you are up to?”Xia Jian smiled softly,Two eyes swept back and forth on Chen Xiaolan’s attractive body。
Chen Xiaolan turned her back,I wiped the drops of water on my neck with a towel,While saying:“hate!They worked all morning,Sweaty,Do not wash this,Don’t say it’s eating,Just sleep,I also feel uncomfortable”
“Do you want me to help?”When Xia Jian said this,,People have pounced on,Hugged Chen Xiaolan’s bare body。The towel in Chen Xiaolan’s hand dropped to the ground,She suddenly became like noodles。
Xia Jian couldn’t help it anymore,He stooped,Hugged Chen Xiaolan sideways,Pressed hard on the big bed。Then the big wooden bed screamed,So rhythmic。
When everything returns to calm,The two separated in sweat。Chen Xiaolan pushed Xia Jian and said:“There is water in the basin,You wipe it first!”Xia Jian smiled,But he didn’t move。

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