What is Mr. Wu Wenjie’s follow-up plan?,What role does Mr. Wu want Qiao Tianyu to play this time??

Incomprehensible!Really too confusing!
Qiao Tianyu racked his brains to break his brain,I can’t figure out what Mr. Wu Wenjie wants to do?
But think again,A figure like Mr. Wu Wenjie,How could it be easily seen through by Qiao Tianyu??
Ok,Qiao Tianyu has to admit,He who is two lives,Indeed, even Mr. Wu Wenjie’s fur is not as good as!
Forget it,I can’t figure it out,Anyway, Qiao Tianyu also admits that his strength is indeed not on the same level as Mr. Wu Wenjie!
Time is running out,Let’s focus on how to fight the next war against the United States and Britain.!
First0416chapter “Diplomatic bond”Past and present
Since we are planning a financial war,Basic data is naturally indispensable,And now Qiao Tianyu is empty,Must find a way to get as accurate data as possible first-hand。
Qiao Tianyu thought for a while,Raise soldiers for a thousand days,It’s time to invite him out!
Then Qiao Tianyu took out his phone,I got through to my friend Li Jiaxing in New York。
A month ago,Qiao Tianyu commissioned Li Jiaxing to research and develop“Sky Eye”Transaction monitoring system,And invested a huge amount of research and development funds for Li Jiaxing。

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